Maserati sees demand rising again

Maserati sees demand rising again

The Italian automaker has long abandoned the 75,000-unit sales target that Maserati tried to achieve with the new Ghibli and Quattroporte around 2013 and which it made a new attempt with the Levante. Maserati sold ‘only’ a third of its target sales volume last year.

In 2021, Maserati was able to sell 24,269 cars worldwide. Compared to the 2020 sales year, sales were up 41%. This was due to increased interest of Ghiblic and Levante. The manufacturer sold 45% more copies of the duo last year. Important, as these two models make up 90% of Maserati’s sales. Levante brings 59% of customers. Ghibli attracts 33% of customers. The remaining 8% comes from the Quattroporte (7%) and the MC20 (1%). As for the Quattroporte, sales increased by 41%. Maserati Trophy

China’s strongest growth market

Maserati managed to recover especially in China. In the region, sales grew by no less than 58%. In America, the brand still managed to appeal to more than 50% of customers. The EMEA region including Europe requested more than 18% of vehicles.

MC Spider on the way

The Italians do not release information on sales prospects before 2022, but it must be very strange if the manufacturer does not see its sales grow significantly. Maserati adds two new models to the portfolio. It’s about the Spider version of MC20, although two open seats and a folding hardtop will ensure sales of only a few hundred cars. The open version will be released this spring. Unfortunately, the MC20 as a coupé is already sold out for this year.

Maserati Grecale

The second model is the Grecale, the second SUV. The five-seater Levante should ensure a high level of sales. The sales target does not indicate the brand, but it will be several thousand cars. Maserati shows that it already has a good order book for example, which the world will only see next week. Maserati Trophy

Quality over quantity

With an additional volume structure in the portfolio, Maserati is not interested in finding sales of 75,000 units. The car maker shows that it is looking at customer quality rather than quantity. Experience and uniqueness are more important than sales volume.

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Maserati sees demand rising again

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