Mercedes-AMG with 1,000 hp SUV against BMW XM and Porsche K1

Mercedes-AMG with 1,000 hp SUV against BMW XM and Porsche K1

AMG currently has successors. In 2025, the Affalterbach company will launch the electric successor of the AMG GT 4 door (see photo display). A year later, an SUV with almost 1,000 hp followed on the same AMG.EA platform.

AMG SUV with spacious interior

As British Autocar reports, the concept car will preview the AMG SUV ahead of its market launch, which, similar to the Vision AMG concept, is 5,100 mm long and has a wheelbase of over 3,000 mm. According to inside sources, the powerful SUV will offer a spacious interior and high-quality craftsmanship. The model also receives the MB.OS operating system, internally named AMG.OS, which has been specially modified for AMG’s needs.

As a performance sedan, AMG also builds SUVs at the Sindelfingen plant and on the same “AMG Electric Architecture” (AMG.EA) platform.

Up to 1,600 Nm torque

The platform has a 24 kg electric motor in the front and back. Each of these engines produces an output of 486 hp and produces a maximum torque of 800 Nm. In general, the output of the system is 972 hp and a maximum torque of 1,600 Nm. A variant with three electric motors is also in development: Here, two motors are connected to the rear axle, sometimes they are placed on the front axle.

Axial flux motor is attractive with its smooth operation, small size, low heat generation and very high torque. In addition to the internal electric motors, Mercedes is also further developing the electric power train (eATS), including the electric motor, transmission parts and power electronics to create the eATS 2.0. From 2024, Mercedes will produce the powertrain at the Untert├╝rkheim plant. In addition, it will also be used in the Mercedes (“MB.EA”) platform from 2025, integrating 800-volt technology.

Of course – electric cars are around now and they are also very powerful.No – there is still no suitable replacement for the internal combustion engine for sports cars.

From 2026, AMG will be launching a high-performance, purely electric SUV that, like the 4-door GT, is based on the AMG.EA platform. This platform offers two electric motors of around 500 hp, one per axle, which together provide up to 1,600 Nm of torque. A version with three electric motors is also being developed. The special operating system is intended to meet the needs of AMG customers.