Militem Magnum 700: Designed Ram 1500 TRX for Europe

Militem Magnum 700: Designed Ram 1500 TRX for Europe

It’s a shame that Ram doesn’t sell local pictures himself, but that doesn’t stop Dutch dealers from selling some pictures here. Maybe Dutch sales will drop soon because Ram is discontinuing the V8 engine. The Militem tuner offers one last V8 sound. The Italian company gives the Ram 1500 TRX that is already very unusual.

Indeed, the Militem Magnum 700 produces 702 hp and 882 Nm of torque from the same 6.2-liter Hemi V8. So nothing has been done to the Ram TRX engine. Choose launch control and run from 0 to 100 km / h in a ridiculous 4.5 seconds. It’s very difficult considering that the pickup weighs more than the average station wagon.

Modifications to take Ram

All power must be brought to the pavement through an eight-speed automatic transmission and 22-inch off-road tires. In addition, Militem installed adaptive dampers from Bilstein and the tuner strengthened the frame of the stairs. Apparently, it stands 30 cm above the ground and you can enter lakes with a depth of 80 cm. So the thing can easily participate in a triathlon.

To the eye, there is a two-tone grille with the name of the tuner company in the middle. The helmet is new and looks sharper. The wheel arches are also from Militem. At the rear are quarter exhaust pipes that would add to the ‘roaring notes’ of the Hemi-V8. There are also many enhancements that you can add to the image. Consider a loading platform cover, a loading platform ladder, a roll cage and a set of LED lights for a more off-road feel.

The interior of the Militem Magnum 700 is slightly sleeker and has two skylights. There is also a lot of Alcantara and carbon fiber available. You also get contrast stitching and the 700 logo tone. A 12-inch infotainment screen and a 19-speaker set from Harman Kardon complete the cabin. The tuner is asking 164,950 euros for pickup. In the Netherlands you can get a new Ram from any dealer for 130,000 euros.