Musk: A working Tesla robot could be ready by September

Musk: A working Tesla robot could be ready by September

Tesla announced Optimus robot was added in August last year during its first AI event. In the past it was just a concept. According to Tesla, a humanoid robot should be able to take all kinds of daily tasks from people, even shopping.

According to Musk, robots that take on responsibilities from human hands can “eventually become more important than the automotive industry.” “Tesla is undoubtedly the largest robot company in the world. Our cars are basically less intelligent robots on wheels,” Musk said last year.

The Tesla robot will be 1.73 meters long and can carry up to 20 kilograms self-driving repair. The robots can also assist in production in Tesla factories. Optimus will take more dangerous, dirty and tedious work from humanitarian workers.

‘One of the largest AI companies’

In January, Musk already said that Tesla wanted to focus specifically on the development of Optimus this year. He called humanoid one of the company’s top priorities.

Tesla is investing heavily in artificial intelligence (AI) development. Tesla’s AI chief, Andrej Karpathy, named Tesla one of the largest AI companies in the world earlier this year. “There is no other organization that promotes AI in a interconnected way at this level,” Karpathy said.

Criticism of robot programs

Tesla’s robot plans are also criticized. For example, Raj Rajkumar, a professor at Carnegie Melon University in the United States, observes. there is nothing in the plan† “To carry out dangerous and repetitive tasks, the human robot is the worst possible way.”

Last year, the then director of Tesla’s AutoPilot development, CJ Moore, said automotive technology plans did not match “technical reality.” He resigned shortly after the decision.