New Citroen C5 Aircross to attack the budget segment?  Dacia Duster on short hair chevrons |

New Citroen C5 Aircross to attack the budget segment? Dacia Duster on short hair chevrons |

Citroen will revise its product strategy and the new models will be priced lower than the current ones, according to French media which has obtained information about a major change in the manufacturer’s policy. Citroen’s focus includes, among others: Dacia Duster, with which the future Citroen C5 Aircross will compete.

The change in strategy and move to the offensive is not surprising. Carlos Tavares had long been jealous of Dacia’s success and tried to persuade Vincent Cobee, the former boss of Citroën, to do the same. When that failed, he fired him and Thierry Koskas, who replaced the fired Cobee, seems unfazed.

It will be the brand’s first budget car New Citroen C5 Aircrossthat will be seen in 2025so in two years. The idea of ​​the new models is very simple: a strong look, decisions, even future design solutions, still high comfort and at the same time reduce costs and therefore prices to a minimum. For this purpose, solutions from Citroën Ola will be used. The new car should be sold at a lower price than the current generation Citroen C5 Aircross – we are talking about several percent lower, but we expect it to be PLN 90,000 for the basic version.

The C5 Aircross will be followed by other models. Perhaps for this reason, Citroën holds the premiere a little new C3, which can also be “fished” a little compared to the previous plans. Also here one can expect, albeit on a smaller scale, an attempt to use a solution from the Ola concept model. It should appear shortly after C3 The new C3 Aircross. Both models have already been delivered in India and Brazil, and we even had the opportunity to drive the new C3. Very good idea, although the equipment differs from what we know in Europe.

Citroen has a good justification for a simplified strategy, because this is where the brand grew, and its founder, Andre Citroën, who has many connections with Poland, never hid that he was interested in good prices, good looks and high performance. comfort. He did everything to make his cars as cheap as possible, even though they were technologically advanced. The same idea was behind the design of the Citroen 2CV.

Carlos Tavares recently announced that he is considering importing an affordable electric C3 from India. Today, such a situation seems very real. Europe needs affordable electric cars and the C3 is more attractive and has better parameters than the Spring, which Dacia has sold more than 100,000 copies.

A low-cost Citroen, positioned as a budget Dacia, could be the fastest way for Stellantis to regain a large market share in this segment. And maybe it will happen, because there is still room here and the budget segment, smart cars are still growing. Another thing is how the fans of the brand will react to such actions of the manufacturer …

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