NVIDIA CEO to Reveal What’s Next for AI at GTC

NVIDIA CEO to Reveal What’s Next for AI at GTC

At GTC, the annual GPU Technology Conference organized by NVIDIA, the CEO of the technology giant Jensen Huang is set to disclose the firm’s latest advances in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). With AI technologies like deep learning and machine learning commanding headlines over the past few years, Huang’s keynote address is expected to be a highly anticipated event.

Huang will likely divulge NVIDIA’s plans to further explore the potential of AI and its applications. Over the years, the corporation has been at the forefront of developing groundbreaking technologies such as GPU-accelerated computing, autonomous systems, and AI-empowered data centers. It is expected that Huang will detail NVIDIA’s plans to continue to innovate in these areas, and disclose new products and services in this domain.

The tech mogul is also likely to discuss the company’s recent investments in the space and the progress made in the development of AI-enabled products and services. NVIDIA has recently acquired several AI startups, such as deep learning platform DeepScale, and robotics firm robotics startup Kiva Systems.

It is expected that Huang will explain the company’s strategy to leverage these acquisitions to bolster its portfolio of AI-based products and services. Additionally, NVIDIA has been actively recruiting AI experts for its research and development teams, with the goal of further advancing the state-of-the-art in the field.

It is likely that Huang will elucidate on the implications of the latest advancements in AI for businesses and consumers alike. As AI technologies become increasingly pervasive, the implications for industries such as healthcare, finance, and retail are profound. Huang is expected to elucidate on the advantages of investing in these nascent technologies, and provide insights into the potential ramifications of such investments.

Overall, Huang’s keynote address is expected to be a major highlight of GTC, and will provide a glimpse into NVIDIA’s plans for furthering the development of AI technologies.