Nvidia RTX 4060Ti 8GB – Nvidia RTX 4060TI 8GB

Nvidia RTX 4060Ti 8GB – Nvidia RTX 4060TI 8GB

The day many have been waiting for has arrived, when you can finally find an entry-level graphics card that everyone can afford.

Nvidia’s RTX 4060 Ti is the smallest card size and basically condenses everything you know from other RTX cards into a smaller form factor. It’s only 244x98mm and doesn’t take up a lot of space – if you buy third-party cards they don’t even have a dedicated Nvidia power connector, instead they use a single standard 8-pin connector. It’s pretty cool.

The main selling point is that we can now get DLSS 3 at a lower price, and soon we will have more than 50 games that support this kind of upscaling intelligence, including AV1 encoding and a full 32MB L2 cache, which is an update crazy. of the last two generations of XX60 cards. The card has a maximum speed of 160 Watts, but we never came close to using that much power, so it points to environmental friendliness. A large buffer also means that the VRAM of the card is not always loaded near 100%, but usually 40-60% instead, which helps to make the card faster. I wonder why they only used the 128 interface.

There are 4352 Cuda cores and it runs at a speed of 2.54 GHz. That’s almost half the number of cores as the RTX 4070 series, and it shows. I notice there are still many who play in 1080p resolution and have 1060, 2060 and to a lesser extent 3060 cards but not because they want to but more because graphics cards and especially 4K monitors are very expensive. Personally, I think it is strange to follow such a segment, because those who choose it voluntarily, although money is not an issue, are probably esports players.

We have everything that the Ada Lovelace platform can offer, but especially the third generation Ray-Tracing and the fourth generation tensor cores, so that we can get the production of optical frames. And we need that, because unfortunately 8GB of VRAM is not enough in 2023 when many games are released from consoles, and not very well. The developers believe that it is up to the players to find the money for modern hardware. To put it nicely, you need a big wallet if you want to play in 1440p.

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Suitable for special subscriptions, the design is good, two fans and a black and silver aluminum color scheme. It’s very industrial and very pleasing to the eye.

I’m not completely over the negative comments after seeing the price, it’s with mixed feelings that I look at the marketing that clearly states that this graphics card is aimed at 1080p, and the same goes for AMD and Intel’s -cards. Looking at the 3060 Ti it clearly stated that 1440p gaming was also a goal, but they’ve abandoned that now, and I find that kind of hard when you’re paying almost $399 for a card, and in only two months. i’ll get the 16GB version for about $100 more.

I’ve been buying XX70 cards for years, and find it difficult that XX60 cards are now coming in at the same price point. At that price, I should be able to play 1440p, absolutely seamless, and on that note I was pleasantly surprised with what the 4060 Ti delivered.

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Cooling works well, with two fans keeping the card below 31 degrees in normal use and nothing higher than 63.6 degrees at full load. Tests show a max clock speed of 2540Mhz, but I get 2760Mhz.

Benchmarks are performed on an Intel 12900K platform with 32 GB of DDR5 RAM and everything stored on an NVMe drive.

3D scale

  • Time Spy: 13870
  • Time Spy Extreme: 6554
  • Speedway: 3206
  • Port Royal: 8069

All in-game parameters are with graphics set to Ultra unless otherwise stated.

Total War: Warhammer III

Cyberpunk 2077

  • 1080p: 113.89 /115.02 with Ray-Tracing Ultra and DLSS 3 Frame Generation
  • 1440p: 83.87 / 71.29 with Ray-Tracing Ultra and DLSS 3 Frame Generation

dirt 5

F1 22 – Advanced Ray Tracing

Red Dead Redemption 2

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Distant cry 6

Compared to Intel’s A770 it’s a huge improvement, easily 50% more powerful and over 70% more framerates in several titles. However, compared to AMD’s RX 7600, which we soon have evaluated , is not very good, because the performance is often low, somewhere between 10-25% and occasionally 25% better. It is very mixed. The RTX 4060 Ti is almost 50% more expensive (prices are not 100% updated at the time of writing this review), but the performance does not reflect that.

Nvidia RTX 4060TI 8GB

I really don’t know what to think. Low power consumption, noise so low we had to stop testing it, and the best performance among cards under $500, and while Nvidia themselves believe this card is only for 1080p gaming, it’s also quite good for most titles at 1440p .

But that doesn’t change the fact that $399 for what is currently an entry-level pass marketed as one of the best 1080p gaming consoles is a lot of money, a lot of money. In my world it should be the 16GB version aimed at 1440p gaming or the price should come down as 8GB has sadly become the minimum to run modern games. Why does it have to be so expensive to enjoy computer games?