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Luxury class expectations: With a length of 4.75 meters, powerful drivetrains and high-end equipment, Mazda makes the CX-60 its new flagship. © Mazda Motor Corporation/dpa-mag

They stuck with the Wankel engine and invented the self-igniting gasoline engine. Mazda is now developing an entirely new combustion engine design. The first car on this platform is the CX-60, which will be the brand’s new flagship.

Berlin – Mazda once again cuts the style. Because while all other manufacturers make only electric cars, the Japanese once again have a new platform for combustion engines and even a new diesel.

The first car from this kit will be the CX-60. This now heads to the top of the model range with prices starting at 47,300 euros and could bring Mazda closer to Mercedes, BMW and Audi.

The most comfortable rear seat Mazda has to offer

The CX-60 is a luxury SUV with a length of 4.75 meters and a wheelbase of 2.87 meters. It doesn’t quite match the German competition in terms of chances. But the new flagship still offers the most comfortable rear seat you can currently get from Mazda. And the trunk is travel friendly too. It holds at least 570 liters, and if you fold the rear seat, you can store up to 1726 liters of luggage.

Not only with the car, but also with the equipment Mazda rejects the style. There are digital instruments. And the driver is even observed by the camera, which then adjusts the seat and mirror automatically. The Japanese also offer a high-end display and volume control. But instead of a big screen theme, they rely on a very traditional concept for the dashboard.

And because he thinks his hands are on the steering wheel while driving, his touchscreen only works when the car is stationary. Anyone who wants to change the navigation frequency or change the radio station while driving can quickly access the rotary knob on the station console. , as we know it from BMW iDrive.

Equally strange is the unusual choice of materials. Instead of plastering consoles and screens, Mazda puts standard fabrics and idiosyncratic patterns on them. Above all, eye-catching wood and many metal elements make a high impression. The near safety net of assistance systems also reaches the level of the luxury class. However, they are so sensitive and careful that their use sometimes feels like paternalism.

Temporary entry into the electricity supply

Although the CX-60 is more for conventional car technology. But the Japanese are already moving with the times. Because to begin with, they install 149 kW/191 hp four-cylinder and electric motor and 129 kW/175 hp in their guest. This is provided by a backup battery with 17.8 kWh. Charged in 2:20 hours, it charges enough energy for up to 63 km at a top speed of 140 km/h. And when it works together with the combustion engine, it applies up to 500 Nm to all four wheels and cuts the two-tonne vehicle from standstill to 100 km/h in a competitive 5.8 seconds.

Later, the CX-60 will also be available with two versions of the new 3.3-liter diesel, which Mazda promises 147 kW/200 hp or 187 kW/254 hp. And no matter which combustion engine you choose, you always drive faster than with a plug-in.

Two main symbols of small value

The result of Mazda’s plug-in combination, which is unique to date, is a noticeable consumption of 1.5 liters and CO2 emissions of 33 g/km. And on the other hand, the CX-60 with a system output of 241 kW/327 hp will be the most powerful production model in the brand’s history to date. But both of the highest qualities should not be overestimated. Because in the daily mixed operation, the consumption is more than seven to nine liters. And the performance is not far away when the top speed is limited to 200 km / h.

Mazda CX-60
Thanks to its all-wheel drive, Mazda CX-60 offers good performance even on demanding roads. © Mazda Motor Corporation/dpa-mag

In addition, the combustion engine whines a little under load. And while most Mazdas play the role of the MX-5 roadster, the big SUV is more of a leisure cruiser. Because the CX-60 likes long curves more than tight snakes and doesn’t bother with bumps or potholes.

Conclusion: Old fashioned in a good way

Fashions come and go. But Mazda has not been discouraged by this and with the CX-60 it sends an old-school SUV into the race against all electric family urban cars. Digital steering without excess and electric power without fear of range – this is how the new flagship becomes an old-style car in a good sense. If it now also adds to the fun of driving, the CX-60 can make it far ahead.

Mazda CX-60
Against the electric trend, Mazda is re-creating a new combustion engine architecture. The first car from this kit will be the CX-60. © Mazda Motor Corporation/dpa-mag

Datasheet: Mazda CX-60 e-Skyactiv PHEV 2.5 AWD

engine and drive A hybrid drive with a four-cylinder gasoline engine and an electric motor
Transfer: 2488cc
Maximum power: 141 kW/191 hp
Maximum Torque: 261 Nm
electric motor
Maximum power: 129 kW/175 hp
Maximum Torque: 270 Nm
Maximum power: 241 kW/327 hp
Maximum Torque: 550 Nm
Run: all wheels
Transmission: Eight-speed automatic
mass and weight
Height: 4745 mm
Wide: 1890 mm
Height: 1680 mm
Wheel: 2870 mm
lose weight: 2055kg
payload: 687 kg
stem volume: 570-1726 liters
Driving data:
Top speed: 200km/h
Maximum lightning speed: 140km/h.
Acceleration 0-100km/h: 5.8s
Average usage: 1.5. 100 litres/km
Electric range: 63 kilometers
CO2 Emissions: 33g/km
Fuel: big
production class: 6 euros
Energy efficiency class: Nope
Mazda CX-60 e-Skyactiv PHEV 2.5 AWD base price: 47,300 euros
types of classes: Liability 18/full depth 27/full depth 23
Car tax: Nope
Commonly needed equipment:
Security: Eight airbags, adaptive cruise control, lane guidance,
Comfort: Digital infotainment with navigation, automatic climate control, ambient lighting

All information according to manufacturer dpa