Opel Frontera 2024: price, photos and features of the SUV

Opel Frontera 2024: price, photos and features of the SUV

Opel is preparing a major revolution in its range with the first game of New Opel Frontera 2024. This is a new compact SUV that will replace the Crossland and become one of the entry models for the “elevated” range of the German brand. For now, Opel has limited itself to the first announcement of the new model that will be the protagonist of a detailed official presentation later. The launchin any case, it is planned during 2024. Opel has not specified the platform used for its new SUV that it should be built from CMPalready used for Jeep Avenger and Fiat 600. Let’s see the details.


The New Opel Frontera 2024 it takes the lines of the latest production of the German company, with the important front, full LED lights and the name “Frontera” reported on the back. Also note the color choice: the official image provided by Opel shows the variant and two tone body work (which will be the main feature of the SUV) and orange and black. There are rooftop bars and no shortage of new things Opel Blitz logo. It should be noted, on the side, it is the C-pillar that divides the passenger compartment. Opel Frontera specifications have not yet been presented. The SUV, however, will have a capacity to carry more than 460 liters which can be more than 1,600 liters.


There is still much to discoverpassenger compartment from New Opel Frontera. The German company’s SUV, however, has been revealed by the official image shown below. You can see clearly show two and balanced development. Both panels come off 10 inches and connecting the instrument panel to the infotainment system. Also note the physical controls for the climate control and there will also be a dedicated slot for a smartphone as well as a wireless charging base.

Opel Frontera


Opel did not release information about engine from New Opel Frontera. The German company’s SUV, however, will be available with:

  • a electronic version zero production
  • a hybrid version, probably with the system Gentle Hybrid

Customers will be able to choose the solution that suits their needs. Considering other models of the Stellantis Group with similar characteristics, the electric version should be strong 156 CV and the battery 54 kWh while the hybrid version should have an engine 1.2 and the Mild Hybrid system and the power of 100 CV.

Opel Frontera


There is no information about yet New Opel Frontera price list. Considering the current design of the Opel range, it is possible to assume a starting price around 25,000 euros for version and gasoline engine. About the version electricity, instead, the price list will be the highest and the base price that can start from 30-35 thousand euros. Opel, in any case, will offer different configurations for its Opel Frontera, ensuring a wide margin for customization. The SUV is expected to go on sale later this year the second half of the year.