Peugeot at the Paris Motor Show 2022: three world premieres –

Peugeot at the Paris Motor Show 2022: three world premieres –

Peugeot, the French’s favorite brand, will be making three world premieres at Europe’s most important automotive event of the autumn season: the Paris Motor Show. The exhibition will be held from 17 to 23 October at the Porte de Versailles in Paris.

On the 900m stand in hall 4, under the brand promise “Everything is better with Impressive”, PEUGEOT will present 3 world premieres that showcase the high-speed electrification of its range and its sophistication:

  • PEUGEOT 408 design it will be displayed in … an unusual way, available for viewing from any angle in a large and transparent field.
  • PEUGEOT E-208 it will present a more efficient unit, 100% electric motor, the power of which has increased by 15% and the range by 10.5%.
  • 100% electric scooter PEUGEOT e-Streetzonecapable of traveling up to 112 km on a single charge.

Fans of high-performance drives will also be able to admire PEUGEOT 9X8 Hybrid hypercarpresented for the first time at the Motor Show, and its street cousin, PEUGEOT 508 PSEwith a hybrid power of 360 HP, developed by the same team of designers and engineers.

At a special stand in hall 3, visitors will also be able to view hydrogen fuel cell technology: PEUGEOT E-EXPERT HYDROGEN will be on display, but will also be available for full-scale testing throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Finally, PEUGEOT will enable visitors to the Exhibition to meet some of its most famous partners during public days: supercar drivers. PEUGEOT 9X8 Hybrid, drivers of Stade Toulouse and Miss France 2022.

The Paris Motor Show is back at its best

After a long wait of four years, the Paris Motor Show will finally return to Porte de Versailles in October 2022, and PEUGEOT will not miss this meeting with French and European audiences.

At the 2022 event, the lion brand will once again demonstrate its prowess and ability to rapidly electrify many of its mobile products. The main star will be the innovative PEUGEOT 408, presented in an impressive stage …

The stunning world premiere of the PEUGEOT 408 fastback

In addition to the four models of the new PEUGEOT 408 that will be on display, visitors will not be able to miss the car placed in La Sphère, an extraordinary structure more than 6 meters high, transparent and pivoting, allowing visitors to view many. elements of its unexpected design from all angles. La Sphère was installed for the first time in July in the lens of the Louvre to make films that were posted on social networks on August 4; at the Auto Show, it will be seen by everyone all week!

The new PEUGEOT 408 Give visitors to the motor show new proof of the PEUGEOT teams’ skill in delivering an unprecedented high-speed rear view at the top of the C-segment: in the history of the brand and in the current car market, the PEUGEOT 408 is the first of its kind.

Unexpected, for different reasons, this wonderful PEUGEOT offersIn addition to the cat-like stance and unique appearance, the excellent engineering focused on performance and intelligent electrification, with two hybrid drives of 180 HP and 225 HP respectively that can be recharged, as well as the excitement provided by advanced technologies provided for driving pleasure and instinctive use.

PEUGEOT E-208 with the introduction of electric transmission in 2023

PEUGEOT is ahead of the curve when it comes to electrification. In 2030, 100% of the brand’s models sold in Europe will be 100% electric, 5 years ahead of regulatory requirements. And from 2023, all PEUGEOT vehicles will be electric, i.e. powered by a 100% battery of electric or hydrogen battery-powered engines, or rechargeable hybrids or hybrids.

To achieve this goal, PEUGEOT will accelerate the introduction of electric and electric models in 2023: the 3008 and 5008 will be the first cars in the Stellantis Group. which will receive a brand new 136 HP hybrid drive system, capable of reducing fuel consumption by 15%. In addition to the launch of the PEUGEOT E-308 sedan and E-308 SW station wagon, the brand will present a new version of the E-208 – the best-selling electric model in France since the beginning of the year.

Based on E-308 technology, new 115 kW / 156 electric motor (+ 15% power) and a new generation battery, along with a series of measures that have greatly improved its energy efficiency since 2021, the range of the new PEUGEOT E-208 can even exceed 400 km. The electric efficiency is exceptional, and the value of only 12.0 kWh / 100 km (usable energy / range), a benchmark among electric vehicles in segment B.

This new PEUGEOT E-208 will be displayed at the PEUGEOT stand.

PEUGEOT 9X8: competition, electric laboratory for future models

One of the highlights of the PEUGEOT stand will also be the PEUGEOT 9X8 HYBRID HYPERCAR, an innovative car entered from July in the Le Mans Hypercar category of the World Endurance Championship (WEC). In 2023, PEUGEOT and the 9X8 will be at the exclusive event of the 100th edition of the Le Mans 24 Hours.

Thanks to its unusual fluidity, look like a cat and Hybrid engine (707 hp twin-turbo V6 rear and 272 hp electric motor front)PEUGEOT 9X8 is the electrification laboratory for PEUGEOT road models. Starting with the PEUGEOT 508 PSE, it is also on the stand in the SW version: developed by the same team that created the PEUGEOT 9X8, it is powered by a hybrid engine that combines efficiency and high performance (360 hp) and is equipped with electric all-wheel drive. exceptionally comfortable driving.driving.


We also invite you to hall 3 to test drive the PEUGEOT e-EXPERT HYDROGEN with fuel cell.

The hydrogen fuel cell, an attractive zero-emission technology ideal for large commercial vehicles, is already offered on the PEUGEOT E-EXPERT HYDROGEN mid-size commercial vehicle. The big advantage is that you can add fuel and hydrogen in three minuteswhich provides a full electric range of several hundred kilometers, regardless of the time spent charging the battery.

Fuel cell experts will be available at a special booth in hall 3, and accompanied by a brand expert, a 30-minute PEUGEOT E-EXPERT HYDROGEN test drive will take place near the Porte de Versailles.

With a range of 400 kilometers, 100 kW of power and 260 Nm torque, the PEUGEOT e-EXPERT HYDROGEN can transport up to 1,000 kg in a cargo volume of 6.1 m3.

PEUGEOT e-Streetzone 100% electric scooter for the first time on the PEUGEOT stand

At the PEUGEOT stand in hall 4, next to the PEUGEOT e-Solutions information wall dedicated to the services offered by the brand to users of its electric vehicles, visitors will also be able to view the new electric motorcycle from PEUGEOT Motorcycles: PEUGEOT e – Streetzone.

As proof that PEUGEOT is expanding its electric mobility offering also to two-wheeled vehicles, bicycles and scooters, PEUGEOT e-Streetzone will be available in two versions, with one or two batteries, the second offering a range of up to 112 km in ECO mode..

Thanks to its removable batteries, PEUGEOT e-Streetzone it can be charged quickly and easily from any household outlet. Thanks to its proven chassis and handling characteristics, the PEUGEOT e-Streetzone from PEUGEOT Motorcycles is the perfect vehicle for a city center tour.

Not to be missed celebrity events!

During the Motor Show Open Days, PEUGEOT will also enable visitors to meet some of its famous friends and partners at its booth in Hall 4:

  • On Tuesday, October 18 afternoon, PEUGEOT 9X8 drivers Jean-Eric Vergnes, Paul di Resta and Mikkel Jensen will be speaking to fans,
  • rugby fans will be able to meet Stade Toulousein players at the PEUGEOT booth on Wednesday 19 October; Antoine Dupont, recognized as the best player in the world in 2021, will be there too! The players of Stade Toulouse have been wearing the PEUGEOT logo on their jerseys since 1996. Under these colors, they won 7 French championships and 5 European championships, and twice in 2021.
  • Diane Leyre, Miss France 2022, will be at the Simba Brand booth on Thursday.

A virtual visit for everyone: a digital and immersive experience at the PEUGEOT stand

As not everyone will be able to travel to Paris to attend the motor show, PEUGEOT will offer everyone a digital and immersive booth experience, with the added bonus of exclusive and creative content.

After entering the stage consumers will be in a reception room decorated in the colors of the PEUGEOT stand at the Paris Motor Show.

They will then be able to choose to travel freely between the different worlds (New, Sports, Electric, Frequency) or be guided through the stand in a completely new way thanks to a unique listening guide that changes according to the choices made.

It’s a different way to visit the Motor Show and (re)discover PEUGEOT without leaving your seat.

source: Peugeot

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