Porsche in the heart of Stuttgart: The new dream factory in the heart of the city – Stuttgart

Porsche in the heart of Stuttgart: The new dream factory in the heart of the city – Stuttgart

Right next to Karlspassage: the new Porsche representative office. Photo: Andreas Rosar

In Dorotheen-Quartier, Porsche sells a store covering almost 300 square meters, where only sales take a back seat.

Everyone associates the dream factory with Hollywood. For other car enthusiasts, on the other hand, dreams are made by hand at Porsche in Zuffenhausen. But since Thursday evening, the brand also has a factory of ideal dreams. The sports car manufacturer can now be found with a special representative office in the Dorotheen Quartier, where the Tesla brand used to put its electric cars in the shop window. It is the so-called product store (product store) – and it is the first of Porsche in the world. The motto is “Driven by Dreams”. In other words: on the one hand, it is the belief that you are driven by dreams, but you also want to sell dreams on this trading floor.

conveying brand values

“Here, visitors interact with the brand in a completely new way. Together with familiar and new partners, as well as our sports cars, we present a wide range of products and models for events – everything related to dreams,” says Alexander Pollich, CEO of Porsche Deutschland GmbH. This position in the city aims to represent the vehicle and the internal perspective of the company. At the same time, it is also a commitment Stuttgart area.

Unlike Mercedes, Porsche has established a local and regional identity. Because the star-studded brand has been operating in a location with the same concept for some time – but in Munich. Instead of a typical car dealership with products you can touch, these stores aren’t really about buying. Of course, those interested in buying can configure and pre-order their new car at these stores, but the real goals are customer loyalty, building brands and strengthening the respective communities.

Liganova is behind the idea

The Stuttgart institute Liganova is behind the concept at Mercedes and Porsche. “The area will be more than a product showroom. This is where brand spaces and social interaction spaces are created,” says Liganova CEO Mathias Ullrich, “that’s what attracts people to cities. Meet other people, get inspired or entertained Just getting more products is no longer the main goal.

In this way, Porsche also follows the general retail trend. A good manufacturer of yoga pants is considered to be a pioneer Lululemon, which can also be found in the district. But also watch sports is following this path in Stuttgart with its pilot shop. According to Ulrich, inner city areas “will transform into a world of retail experiences. It will be more about inspiration than outright buying.” In short: dream factories are being created.

With that, Porsche kicked off Thursday evening with a line-up of international stars. Maybe you could have paid Daniel Craig alias 007. Instead, his German voice called Dietmar Wunder was there and asked everyone to close their eyes before he blew into the microphone: “My name is Bond, James Bond.” And the main cinema was on – it was dreaming. And that’s what it’s all about, as experts say: picking up young and new groups with different values ​​and opinions. For example, with the “connected space of Instagram”, as the developers of Liganova call the new Porsche store.