Prince Harry’s sad birthday.  He uses them without William and Charles

Prince Harry’s sad birthday. He uses them without William and Charles

A week has passed since the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The monarch died aged 96 in Balmoral, Scotland, where she spent much of her time. As his health began to deteriorate, close members of the royal family flocked to the estate to be with him through difficult times. Only Harry he lost track of time and did not have time to say goodbye to his beloved grandmother.

Today, September 15, the prince celebrates his 38th birthday. A few days or so ago, he certainly did not think that he would spend this special day in the guise of mourning his beloved grandmother.

Harry and Meghan’s children are all in the United States, where the couple settled after separating from the royal family. Prince still at the beginning of last week he planned to spend his birthday with them. The death of their beloved grandmother broke these plans and he and Meghan remained in England.

How does he spend his birthday? According to reports from the British media, it is supposed to be a day when he will not be seen in public and he can spend it completely with his wife. The Daily Mail reports that her father or brother may not join the traditional ceremony.

William and Kate went to Norfolka Charleswho took the throne from his mother, I had a day offso he can rest before the Queen’s funeral on Monday. For this purpose, he went to his estate in Highgrove.

So Harry was left to spend the day with Meghan and perhaps a cousin who seems to have a better relationship than with his own brother. In this regard, however, it may have changed a little recently. Immediately after the farewell procession, all four went to dinner at Buckingham Palace, where they were to have an open conversation. There is even a conversation fighting between brothers.

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