Rimac Technology and BMW Group to collaborate on next-generation battery packs for future BMW models – Rimac Newsroom

Rimac Technology and BMW Group to collaborate on next-generation battery packs for future BMW models – Rimac Newsroom

As part of its ongoing mission to push the boundaries of EV technology, Rimac Technology is embarking on the next stage of development by offering a number of advanced battery systems. This collaboration with the BMW Group marks an important milestone for Rimac Technology, as it represents the largest and most ambitious project the company has undertaken to date.

Such development requires the development of modern automated battery production lines at the Rimac Campus near Zagreb, Croatia. A large part of the Campus will be dedicated to this project, underscoring the company’s commitment to the partnership with the BMW Group.

“My business journey began with a 1984 BMW 3 Series which I converted into an electric car in my garage at the age of 20 so it is a perfect match to partner with the BMW Group today. This marks an important moment in the growth of Rimac Technology , from a high start to a great long-term partnership with one of the best car brands in the world, the growth of our business, including the opening of the Rimac Campus, we are now ready to deliver big projects to the leading brands in the car industry.

Mate Rimac

Founder and CEO of Rimac Group

The respective strengths and expertise of the two companies complement each other in a productive way. The BMW Group’s Electrification Strategy aims to build further on its leading position in the premium electric mobility sector. The BMW Group brings battery and electric drive system expertise accumulated over 15 years to the partnership.

The two partners will provide more details on what the strategic alliance will look like, as well as its scope and content, at a later stage.

About Rimac Technology

Rimac Technology is a Tier 1 technology supplier to the automotive industry, wholly owned and operated by the Rimac Group. The company is a leading provider of electric technology, with a strong focus on the engineering, development, production, and distribution of battery systems and electric vehicle units. Rimac Technology has recently expanded its portfolio by establishing the Rimac Energy division. This division is dedicated to the development of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) technology, focusing on designing, developing, and manufacturing innovative stationary BESS solutions throughout Europe. Rimac Technology is headquartered in Croatia, with offices in the UK, and currently employs more than 1,400 people, and collaborates on projects with several world-renowned companies.