Tesla: One of the great minds is to leave

Tesla: One of the great minds is to leave

One of the key experts behind Tesla’s driver assistance system is a departure from the electric car maker. Andrej Karpathy announced Thursday night that he wanted to spend more time on technical work related to the development of artificial intelligence.

Karpathy has been with Tesla since 2017 and was responsible, among other things, for Autopilot’s ability to recognize its surroundings.

Tesla is currently trying to adapt the Autopilot system from simple tasks such as setting routes and distances to work in the city with traffic lights, intersections and priority rules. As videos from beta testers show, the app still makes some mistakes that should be fixed by the person behind the wheel.

Training an automated system also involves people naming objects in pictures for them. Tesla recently fired some of the workers involved in the layoffs. US authorities are investigating the pilot program after a series of accidents.

Swiss bank Credit Suisse left Tesla with an “Outperform” rating and a $1,000 price target ahead of the July 20 earnings release. The electric car maker is expected to report earnings per share of $1.31, below the consensus estimate of $1.86, the analyst said. Dan Levy wrote in a study released Thursday. He takes the lower limits. In addition, there is probably a value adjustment in Bitcoin reserves.

After a significant correction since April, Tesla shares have recently moved sideways. It is important that recent lows are not broken. A bullish sign will be a break above the $800 area. From a SHAREHOLDER perspective, Tesla remains a leader among electric car manufacturers. In the long run, the paper remains promising.

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