The Dutch IT Channel – Subaru and Dell Technologies promote the development of AI for Driver Assistance Technology

The Dutch IT Channel – Subaru and Dell Technologies promote the development of AI for Driver Assistance Technology

“Subaru is driving innovation through data, giving drivers an extra pair of eyes and an extra leg to break. It trusts Dell Technologies to make this journey possible with its AI development infrastructure,” said Arthur Lewis, president, Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell Technologies. “As an AI-ready data platform, Dell PowerScale storage enables companies like Subaru to integrate, analyze and use data to deliver impactful insights that advance human development and transform industries.”

Subaru’s selection of Dell PowerScale network-attached storage systems allows it to store, manage and use large amounts of data to drive its next-generation development. Optical Driver Assistance Technology improve. EyeSight Driver Assist Technology is sold in more than 5.5 million EyeSight-equipped vehicles. It monitors traffic movements, improves cruise control and warns drivers if they veer out of their lane. PowerScale meets IT’s increased needs for AI design and validation, while helping customers easily increase capacity and performance regardless of the location of their data.

SUBARU Lab, Subaru’s AI development base established in 2020, can store about 1,000 more files on Dell PowerScale systems than on previous systems. Subaru can now improve AI image analysis by easily accessing files stored on PowerScale systems deployed in data centers at SUBARU Laboratories and Tokyo offices, something that was not possible before. Because it is possible to easily add and use data in different areas, business expansion opportunities are also increased.

“As a brand that has built a reputation on trust, we continue to expand the development of AI to increase the reliability of our vehicles while contributing to the greater good,” said Takashi Kanai, deputy head of SUBARU Lab and manager of the ADAS Development Department, PGM. (Integrated Advanced System), Dept. of Engineering. “As system and storage requirements continue to evolve, we are confident that Dell PowerScale is up to the task as the foundational infrastructure for EyeSight Driver Assistance Technology. This allows us to continue to advance our AI initiatives to improve driver safety.”

EyeSight is the world’s first system that uses only stereo camera technology to offer driver assistance features such as pre-collision braking, which detects not only cars but also pedestrians and motorcycles, and adaptive cruise control.

With its advanced recognition capabilities powered by stereo camera technology, EyeSight has consistently received top marks from independent organizations around the world and has made a significant contribution to Subaru’s safety performance over the years.

Subaru’s research, based on data from the Japan Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis Institute (ITARDA), shows that the accident rate of vehicles with Eye devices in Japan is 0.06% (1).

Dell PowerScale is the world’s most flexible (2), secure (3) and efficient (4) storage system that helps customers accelerate modern workloads like analytics and AI. It ensures that SUBARU Laboratories can easily organize their data in affordable storage options in public, private or hybrid cloud environments. SUBARU Labs can also quickly search and retrieve data in all these areas to enable AI image analysis using the solution’s data visualization capabilities.

(1) Calculated by Subaru based on the number of Subaru vehicles with EyeSight (ver.3) sold from 2014 to 2018 (456,944 units) and ITARDA data (259 rear accidents).

(2) Based on Dell analysis, February 2023.

(3) Based on Dell analysis comparing Dell PowerScale cybersecurity software capabilities against competing products, October 2023.

(4) Based on Dell analysis comparing efficiency-related attributes: data reduction, storage capacity, data protection, hardware, space, lifecycle management efficiency, and ENERGY STAR certified configurations, June 2023.