The Ford Escort is as powerful as the MST Mk1 Evolution

The Ford Escort is as powerful as the MST Mk1 Evolution

To call the British MST a replacement for Ford’s first and second generation Escort is really short-sighted. The North Wales company manufactures brand new bodies for the above models and then fills them with the most powerful technology. It is more than the word ‘tuning’. In addition, the company remains close to the essence of the old Escorts. In all of their projects there is still a long-mounted, naturally aspirated four-cylinder under the hood that sends its power to the rear wheels via a flow or manual transmission.

In the case of MST’s latest project, the Mk1 Evolution, that’s a very powerful four-cylinder. It is a block from the so-called Millington Diamond series. Inside you’ll find four-cylinder engines designed for competition purposes that are often installed on Escorts for rallying purposes. As for the Mk1 Evolution, it is its most powerful variant: one with a displacement of 2.8 liters. From that content, Millington holds up to 370 hp and more than 400 Nm of torque, without turbo or supercharger. Even better: although Millington’s Mk1 Evolution engine is intended for competition use, the car will be ‘street legal’.

The first drawings

To deliver four-cylinder power on less pavement, MST extends the Escort Coach’s wheel arches and new front and rear carbon fiber screens. This makes it possible to fit larger and wider wheels and tires. That’s important, because too much weight doesn’t put pressure on the ball – you have to give it some traction. Also MST designs are usually for competitive use, so they are always lighter. We don’t have the exact figures yet.

In the attached pictures you can see the first sketches of the coming violence. When it will get its market launch is still unclear. If you want to buy one, you should – in addition to having very deep pockets – contact Motorsport Tools in advance.

MST also provides a small update on its upcoming Metro 6R4 recreation: the company expects to present the first model this summer.