The main theme of Škoda ENYAQ iV – Part 2 – Mobility

The main theme of Škoda ENYAQ iV – Part 2 – Mobility

Welcome to the great theme of Škoda ENYAQ iV

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Škoda ENYAQ iV

Offers and prices
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Welcome to the topic of Škoda ENYAQ iV, the first Škoda vehicle based on the VAG MEB platform. Introductory Topic is still a work in progress, we hope to have some time this afternoon or tonight to add more details.

Offers and prices

Fashion style battery capacity WLTP Radio Strength training high speed 0 – 100 km / h Charging speed (5-80%) From the price
50 51.7 kWh 340 km Rear wheel 160 km / h 11.4 sec. 100 kW / 42 min Unknown
60 58.3 kWh 390 km Rear wheel 160 km / h 8.9 sec. 100 kW / 42 min € 42,690
80 77.1 kWh 537 km Rear wheel 160 km / h 8.7 sec. 125 kW / 38 min € 49,590
80X 77.1 kWh 460 km Four wheel, twin motor 160 km / h 6.9 sec. 125 kW / 38 min € 51,690
RS 77.1 kWh 460 km Four wheel, twin motor 180 km / h 6.2 sec. 125 kW / 38 min Unknown

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Founder Edition


For Saturday families who like to get out and go out.
ENYAQ iV is the perfect weekend getaway for your family on Saturday. At a distance of 537 kilometers you drive to Ardennes and back again. Our all-electric SUV is spacious and equipped with the latest technology. For example, ENYAQ iV has a 13-inch multimedia screen with which you can easily map your route. And do you enjoy getting out of the caravan? No problem. ENYAQ iV has the capacity to pull up to 1,200 kilograms of weight.


The charging curve for version 58kWh and version 77kWh is shown below (Packed).

If you have a model with MY21 (model year 2021) then you have a charge of 50kW as usual. You can buy a upgrade up to 125kW through the garage. If you have a 60 model you can upgrade up to 100kW (or 120kW MY22). From MY22, Enyaq will have a fast charge of 130kW (77kWh) and 120kW (58kW) as usual.

The 77kWh version is expected to benefit from the upcoming ID 3.0 software update sometime in Q2 2022, which will significantly improve the charging stream and increase charging speeds up to at least 135kW. From that point on, the charging speed will be about 8 minutes shorter than it is now. Maybe this only applies to 80, because 80x and the RS variant use different battery cells.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the level of electric current in Enyaq?

No, this has been confirmed by various dealers. You need comfort with this. In that case you also get a Virtual Pedal.

Can you combine Skoda Audio with Transport?
Yes, this is possible. You will lose part of the deep luggage box under the trunk. (okay without Transportation package)

Please note, SSS will not be available again in 2021!

Do the Matrix lights on the Light package turn with you on the folds?
Yes, according to the latest film of identification.3 is almost 100% sure that they are moving. This was discussed at length because this is not clearly seen in various videos. ID.3 (and ID.4) is very similar to Enyaq, so the assumption is that this answer is correct.

Are the KESSY Enyaq keys safe?
Yes, Enyaq satisfactory for newer entry requirements without a key

Does the Loft interior also have an LED strap on the dashboard?
No, as far as we know all the interior has this except Loft. Unfortunately 😉 All cars have LED strips on the front doors and front-light light, probably under the center dashboard, which is unlocked by Enyaq.

Is Park Assist Plus available?
Yes, although Park Assist Plus is not named in the Netherlands. The ‘360 Area View’ option is Park Assist Plus (PPC). This can be ordered on iV 60 and iV 80. See also the question below.

Does Park Assist Plus include the Summon feature and Semi-Auto Parking?
Park Assist Plus / 360 Areaview does not include hardware for the Summon feature previously submitted by Semi-Automatic Parking. According to Skoda staff, you should not assume that you can add this later. This will also be the reason why it is not called Park Assist Plus in the Netherlands.

Can Enyaq receive OTA updates?
Yes, the project has version 2.1 or higher. This has not yet been implemented, OTA is expected to be the last after the Q2 update.

Can you reimburse a container for a travel package?
Yes, it can be a little rigid because the bottom tin is different and you have no rails at the end. But it does. Part number 5LG861401 cost is +/- 75 euros.

How can I use the memory function of adjustable front seats?
1. Use key 1 to open the door
2. Adjust the seat to the correct position
3. Click Apply
4. Click the number you want to save the order (usually 1, 2 or 3)
5. Get out of the car and lock the car
6. Use the 2nd key and follow steps 1 to 5

I also want a greasy surface crystalline grill, is it possible?
Yes, of course! Do you have a deep feeling in your wallet and exit Germany let it come. But yes, it is possible. Maybe you also have to have a number for the seller in order for everything to work.

ODBE life

Would you like to start registering yourself? Which can!

GAEvakYD created a suitable PDF: HERE

Sound enhancement

Robbie8454 Carlectra for sound enhancement
– Insert and play without drilling in Germany: link

@ experiencetrackerfire

– there is an outlet and play set sold in Norway via Bassbrother (link

All Skoda workshop guides and wiring diagrams


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Useful ingredients

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