The new Mercedes-Benz Actros is already testing;  watch the video

The new Mercedes-Benz Actros is already testing; watch the video

New Mercedes-Benz The Actros is now ready. The new truck unit was seen in tests in Germany – see in the video below. Although it had stickers to hide the lines, you can see that the updates were mainly made to the front grill and lights. In addition, the truck in the picture has cameras instead of rear view mirrors external.

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In addition, the captured model is manipulated, that is, with traction 6×2. And it has a cabin with a high ceiling. Be that as it may, the design and position of the windows has not changed. With folds on the doors and sides. And also stairs to access the cabin. The main changes were made to the lower part of the front end.

Among them, the grille has been redesigned. With front lights and bumper. However, the impression is that this truck area has grown. That is, you can assume that the truck got more safety features. In this case, it will be sensors and cameras, for example.

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Although it is impossible to see in the picture, it is certain that the interior of the cabin also brings information. In this case, you can expect more equipment and a new coating. And, since the photographed truck has a camera instead of mirrors, there must be a large screen in the multimedia system.

Be that as it may, it is possible that the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz Actros is delayed. After all, it will make a lot of sense for the first show to take place during the Hannover Motor Show, last September. However, in the German exhibition, considered the biggest event in the world’s travel industry, the The manufacturer focused on new electric versions.

Currently, the expectation is that the new Actros will start arriving in Europe in 2024. Thus, it should be one of the highlights of Mercedes-Benz at the upcoming Hannover Motor Show. After all, the event is two years old. In this case, the launch in other markets, such as Brazil, should only take place between the end of 2024 and the beginning of 2025.