The new Santa Fe seems to come from the future: the price is lower than expected, the Italians have already won

The new Santa Fe seems to come from the future: the price is lower than expected, the Italians have already won

Today we will tell you about the new jewel of the Hyundai brand, which is the recently unveiled Santa Fe. All features

2024 is a year full of innovations for the car market that comes from various brands and in any segment. It will also be available soon New Hyundai Santa Fe, a model that is always very popular and capable of attracting a large number of customers. The car in question is outstanding for its futuristic design as well as its incredible dimensions.

Hyundai is ready to present a new version of one of its flagship models –

The price is lower than the rumors said, especially compared to the direct rivals in the market. Hyundai with the new Santa Fe he really outdid himself and there is good news for purists who will not find themselves faced with a full electric car but with the latest hybrid model.

In the coming weeks, the Hyundai Santa Fe will be available to order in Italy. The basic price is not cheap but it is better than what was talked about. It will start from 49,600 euros in the Business trim level,

Hyundai, let’s discover the new Santa Fe in detail

Now in its fifth generation, the Santa Fe has replaced many of its original features. In fact, we get a very sharp and square design that has little to do with previous models. The number of seats is your choice. You can choose both versions for 5 and 7 people

Basic settings of the car 1.6 T-GDI HEV engine with a maximum power of 235 horsepower. It’s a Complete Hybrid. This means that in terms of reducing consumption and emissions, you will be fully assured of the power and performance that you will benefit from. Of the 235 horsepower they produce, 180 come from the combustion engine.

Hyundai Santa Fe features a new model
Hyundai Santa Fe will soon show itself with an interesting design (Hyundai) –

In the new Santa Fe you will have a six-speed automatic transmission and, at your option, you can also choose all-wheel drive4WD HTRAC, an optional extra with the aforementioned seven-seat configuration.

Regarding the standard equipment of the new Hyundai Santa Fe, we would like to mention the 18-inch alloy wheels, Full LED front and rear lights, electric gates, rear view camera and front parking sensors and. back to facilitate parking maneuvers.

Parking that is not easy to implement due to the size of the car its height is 4.83 meters, 1.90 meters wide and 1.72 or 1.78 meters high, depending on the configuration you choose. In a few weeks there will be other details related to the list prices, and we are sure that you will all pay close attention to what the Korean company has to offer. The hope is that the costs do not rise too much.