The second electric car from Cupra: 2024 is coming to Tavascan

The second electric car from Cupra: 2024 is coming to Tavascan

After the compact Born, the sports brand Seat Cupra is launching a second electric model. The Tavascan is an SUV coupe and is related to the VW ID.5. But the Spaniard looks more sporty.

Cupra Tavascan: It has already celebrated its first public appearance, but the market launch will not take place until 2024.

As it is known, Cupra is the sports sub-brand of Seat. It was founded just five years ago and has been on the fast track ever since. Even the original parent brand has long been in disrepair. Brief statistics: While Seat recorded 46,900 deliveries across Germany in 2022 and therefore recorded a minus of 36 percent, Cupra and its main power Formentor increased by almost 90 percent and delivered 58,400 models.

Only the Cupra will be electric

And if the future is electric, then it’s all about Cupra. Even in response to ongoing demand, Seat Cupra boss Wayne Griffiths is reluctant to hold back expectations of a fully electric Seat car. Cupra, on the other hand, already has such a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle). And it will add a second one to its lineup next year: the Compact Born will be joined by the Tavascan SUV coupe in 2024.

Behind the Tavascan: The Cupra logo lights up red.

The Tavascan is also based on the MEB (standard electric building box) architecture from the Volkswagen Group. But while the Born may be given the ID of a VW.3 based on size, the Tavascan has more than just an ID. 5 and since the GTX version for brother. Visually, the Spaniard seems more sporty, after all, Cupra’s self-appointed identity must be protected as a “Challenger Brand”.

Welcome to the study

The concept car of the same name gave the first preview of the Tavascan at the IAA 2019. There is no significant difference between the research and the series-ready model, that does not happen often, the designers “did a good job of staying very close”, praises the head of Cupra Wayne Griffiths is also passionate about language design. , which is “provocative, captivating and emotional”.

The muscular Tavascan is 4.64 meters long and 1.86 meters wide, but with a length of 1.60 meters it remains flat, behind the electric opening tailgate there are 540 liters of storage space. Many details in Cupra’s signature bronze color decorate the new SUV coupĂ©, the triangular “eyes” of the LED matrix headlights and the illuminated Cupra logo catch the eye at the front, and the strip of lights runs through the back, which turns into a symbol of business Integrated red.

Cupra Tavascan

Remarkable: matrix lights with “three-eye” light patterns.

Two performance levels will be available at market launch: the endurance version will remain the same as VW’s identity for the future “electric Passat”. 7 with a 210 kW/286 hp electric motor on the rear axle. The top model VZ, on the other hand, is based on the two-motor concept and has an additional electric motor with 80 kW/108 hp at the front. This results in a total of 250 kW/340 hp with all-wheel drive. The race from 0 to 100 km / h takes 5.6 seconds.

Standard distance up to 550 km

The two Tavascan variants make no difference when it comes to the lithium-ion battery. It offers a total capacity of 77 kWh. The rear-wheel drive vehicle should cover a distance of around 550 km with a full load, the all-wheel drive VZ has a range of around 520 km. Fast charging works up to 135 kW, at the appropriate charging station Tavascan can be brought from a ten percent charge to 80 in less than half an hour, and within seven minutes electricity can be charged for a distance of 100 km.

Charging options also include “Plug & Play”, here the car automatically identifies itself at the charging station. You don’t need a charging card, app or QR code to start streaming.

Sport bucket seats as usual

A look at the cockpit: Lots of brass here too, with standard sports bucket seats, an elegant center console, a small driver’s display that conveys a lot on the head-up display with its augmented reality display, and last but not least. at least the bright, floating 15-inch touchscreen that serves as a gateway to the various possibilities of the infotainment system. Seat heating, climate and volume can be controlled directly. For the first time in the Cupra, Sennheiser offers a sound system with a total of twelve loudspeakers.

Cupra Tavascan

Cockpit: The central feature is the large-format touchscreen.

Cupra CEO Wayne Griffiths insists that the Tavascan was “designed and developed in Barcelona”. Perhaps it is important to emphasize this because production takes place in a remote Chinese plant in Anhui – by the way, only for export, in the Middle Kingdom itself the new Cupra is not produced.

No price yet, but at least 50,000 euros should be expected.

A small all-electric car

A preview of what Cupra will introduce soon: Also in 2024, this will be the Terramar, a sports SUV with a small electric and plug-in hybrid. A year later, the small electric car “Urban Rebels” follows, which is the sportier partner of the VW ID.2 and the yet-to-be-named Skoda sibling.

And the seats? Siblings from the mother’s brand are not planned.