The weather will surprise again.  First improvement and warming up, then a downhill ride – Wprost

The weather will surprise again. First improvement and warming up, then a downhill ride – Wprost

After a cold and rainy weekend, an area of ​​warm air will enter Poland from the west. It is thanks to him that we will be able to enjoy the most pleasant values ​​​​on the thermometers on Tuesday and Wednesday. Unfortunately, this situation does not last long. The peak of the cold will come at the end of the week.

The weather for the next few days

On Tuesday, for the first time in several days, the mercury bars will stop near the 20 mark, and will even slightly exceed the southwest. The north-east will remain a cold Polish pole, where we will record only 15 ℃. The warm weather should last through Wednesday. Then the warm air from the west will move to the east, thanks to which in the center and south of the country we will see 20-22 ℃, and colder, up to 17-18 ℃, will be in the northwest. .

There are many signs that we will also get a break from the rain on Tuesday. It is true that it should not rain only in the state. Lubelskie, Podkarpackie, Świętokrzyskie and Łódzkie, but in other parts of the country the daily rainfall should not exceed 0.8 mm. The situation will start changing from Wednesday. Then, heavy rain will fall in the south of the country. In Lower Silesia, rainfall can reach up to 24 mm.

The rain will be with us until the end of the week. To make matters worse, the temperature will start dropping again from Thursday. On September 15, we expect 16-19 ℃ across the country, and a day later a maximum of 14-16 ℃. The weekend is getting colder.

A weekend with a spooky aura

Cooler weather is forecast for the weekend. On Saturday in the northeast we will record a maximum of 11-12 ℃. There will be no more heat in other regions. We will not see more than 14-16 ℃ on the thermometers. Sunday promises to be cooler. Then only in the country in the west we will record 15 ℃. In other regions it will be 11-14 ℃.

The feeling of cold will be enhanced by rain. Rain will fall across the country during the weekend. A small amount of water will fall in the west and south, and more in the north. Sunday in the state. In Warmia and Mazury, the amount of rain can reach 44 mm.