There’s a new ”monster” on the road: meet the new BMW M3 CS – SuperCars

There’s a new ”monster” on the road: meet the new BMW M3 CS – SuperCars

There’s a “new” sports car to quicken the heart rate of die-hard fans.

There’s a new “monster” on the road: meet the new BMW M3 CS

The CS version of the BMW M3 arrives on the European market in March with 550 hp of power and 20 kg lighter than the previous version.

What is special is that this small series carries many of the characteristics of the strong M4 CSL.

lighter than before

The wait for the all-new BMW M3 CS ends this Thursday. Lighter and more powerful than the M3 Competition, not as aggressive as the M4 CSL.

To call it more “civilized” is therefore an easy understatement, as this sports car takes on more than just a muscular profile.

Under the hood is the familiar 3.0-liter six-cylinder biturbo block, capable of developing 550 hp equal to 650 Nm.

That’s 40 hp more than the M3 Competition, which maintains the same power as the M4 CSL, but with 10 hp less than the exclusive BMW 3.0 CSL.

To reach those numbers, the engine management was changed and the turbo pressure increased from 1.7 to 2.1 bar.

Power and torque are sent to all four wheels through an automatic transmission. steptronic of eight relationships.

There’s a new “monster” on the road: meet the new BMW M3 CS

It can be configured for “normal”, game or cycle use via a button drivelogic attached to the steering wheel.

special tunings

attraction MxDrivewhich is standard, allows you to choose between 4WD and 4WD Sport modes, with this option sending more torque to the rear wheels.

There’s even a 2WD option that disables Dynamic Stability Control to take the excitement (and slip) behind the wheel to extremes.

In fact, to provide the best performance on the circuit, the chassis was well tuned.

As usual is an active rear differential, while the electronically controlled active suspension has been retuned and the engine mounts strengthened.

The support springs and stabilizer bars have also been modified to better absorb the sports car’s power in curves.

This modification allows you to give a more accurate impression of the operation of the M. Servotronic variable ratio.

Radical on the track and road

Extensive use of carbon fiber and reinforced plastic made it possible to reduce the weight of the M3 CS to 1,840 kg.

This CRFP compound is present on the hood, front splitter and air intake, rear wing and diffuser, roof and side mirror trim.

There are also titanium exhaust silencers and M-type seats. bucketbut the weight reduction did not require the removal of the rear seats.

Unexpectedly, it includes power and heating controls, with CFRP on the steering wheel pads, center console and dashboard.

This weight reduction treatment allows the M3 CS to reach 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds, one tenth less than the M3 M Competition.

And the package M Driverthe maximum speed is “small” to 302 km / h compared to the usual 250 km / h of the M3 series.

muscle appearance

In visual terms, the M3 CS brings back the aesthetic qualities present in the M4 CSL. The radiator grille with horizontal bars is decorated in red. A wide front blade with fins at the end ensures better aerodynamics.

Under the hood, a longitudinal break in exposed carbon stands, as well as the roof and rear wing “taken” from the M3 Racing.

Below the rear diffuser, four titanium tubes in matte black stand out.

The exterior appearance is completed by 19-inch alloy wheels at the front and 20-inch at the rear for a unique design.

The interior is highlighted by a curved monitor that joins a 12.3-inch instrument panel and a 14.9-inch multimedia touchscreen.

All have specific menus with specific information for sporty driving.

Data about the engine and the car itself, as well as the operation of the electronic driving devices are some of the details.

The seats are made of black and red leather, reinforced with carbon fiber inserts on the panels.

For the BMW M3 CS, comfort and driver assistance options are also available, but always with unaltered driving pleasure in mind.

Production will begin in March, although pricing and arrival dates for European dealers have not been revealed.

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