This is the end of the Renault Megane.  What?  it will be replaced by… the new Dacia C-Neo with LPG and hybrid?  |

This is the end of the Renault Megane. What? it will be replaced by… the new Dacia C-Neo with LPG and hybrid? |

Goodbye Megane! The new Dacia C-Neo will replace the combustion-powered Renault Megane in the Renault Group range. However, the decision not to include the next generation of the popular model will not attract fans of the brand, who may rely on something else. When will the production end?

Renault Megane was presented by the brand at an exhibition in Frankfurt in 1995. I immediately liked the car, its modern and timeless look, comfortable interior, many car units, safety systems – there was a lot to choose from. The first generation sold more than 5 million units!

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Renault Mégane III station wagon – very popular in Poland!

However, it is 2024 and Renault is ending production of the popular model. The lack of a successor is the result of decisions within concerns about the development of various types of models. Renault wants to focus on the SUV segment, which brings the most advantages, including, of course, the side, and the compact, or rather the crossover, will appear in the Dacia range. In some ways it’s a smart decision, but Megane fans won’t be happy. Why choose Dacia now?

There is light at the end of the tunnel – although the Mégane will not have a next generation, a new combustion engine car will appear in the Renault range, but it will be more expensive. We should know the details soon.

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The new Dacia C-Neo will be presented this year. This is a car that is a direct replacement for the Megane model in the Renault group, the production of which will end next month after 28 years of success.

Renault Mégane IV cockpit

Dacia C-Neo should convince with a wide selection of conventional and hybrid drives. Under the hood we will certainly see a 100 horsepower engine with factory gas installation, LPG will also be available in more powerful versions (up to 150 HP plus). There will be a small hybrid with a power of 130 HP and a full hybrid with 140 HP. Launching later this year, we will see the C-Neo in showrooms next year, probably in the first quarter.

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The car should be valued at approximately PLN 77,000 in the basic version.

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