This is the price of the first Rimac Nevera in the Netherlands

This is the price of the first Rimac Nevera in the Netherlands

Mate Rimac thought at the end of 2022 that the Netherlands was ready for the arrival of its EV brand. He called our country a ‘mature market in the field of e-mobility’ and a ‘big car market with a large group of enthusiasts’. However, it took a year and a half before the first Rimac Nevera was registered in the Netherlands. But then you also have something.

The color scheme of the Nevera does not hide the nationality of its owner. The doors are colored red, white and blue and the carbon fiber panels are illuminated orange. Inside, the Dutch theme continues in the headlines. You see the lion depicted there. We are still missing the red-white-blue flag and the speaker on the roof playing Wilhelmus on repeat.

Special details of Nerva

The Nevera uses four electric motors (one motor for each wheel) that together produce 1,914 hp and 2,360 Nm of torque. This allows you to launch the EV to 100 km/h from a standstill in 1.97 seconds. The maximum speed for the so-called customer cars is limited to 352 km / h. Be careful when the Nevera pulls out of a parking space, because on the contrary, the Rimac is the fastest in the world with a maximum of 275 kilometers per hour. Whether you want to try that is another matter.

But who buys such a thing? Well, the buyer of this electric hypercar is Michel Perridon. The super man made a lot of money with his company Trust, which you may know from the electric plates, hard drives or as a sponsor of Jos Verstappen in his F1 days. Perridon has an impressive collection of Bugattis. And now that the French car brand has teamed up with Rimac, of course there’s also a Nevera in the collection.

The price of the first Rimac Nevera in the Netherlands

Just like collector’s Bugattis, this electric Rimac is a very valuable car. According to RDW data, this Nevera has a price list 2.824.140 euros. This means that the electric Rimac is not the most expensive car in the Netherlands this year, because that is the Koenigsegg Jesko Attack. It’s only March, but it’s already a good year for Dutch signings.

Would you like to see the first Rimac Nevera in the Netherlands with your own eyes? Then come to IAMS.

Thanks to Absolute Motors, Michel Perridon and Perridon Holdings

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