This Range Rover Limousine Could Be Yours (Not Too Much)

This Range Rover Limousine Could Be Yours (Not Too Much)

Looking for a quirky but great way to travel for the whole family? Look no further, because the original Range Rover has been converted into a limousine and can now park in your driveway. If that’s worth it. It’s about 100cm longer than normal and has received an extra pair of Range Rover doors. Oh, and he’s got a pretty impressive resume, too.

The special Range Rover was built by Townley Cross Country Vehicles, a company that has built hundreds of these vehicles. The order for this particular limo came from the Sultan of Brunei as a gift for his brother. The extended Range was later used to take Mike Tyson to Glasgow in June 2000 for his fight against Lou Savarese. Tyson won, by the way.

The conversion of the Range Rover into a limousine took nine months. In addition to the extension and additional doors, the roof went up and a painted skylight was installed in the ceiling. The tailgate was replaced with a one-piece version and the special Mason Black paint from Rolls-Royce was applied to the new sheet metal.

The limousine is outdated on the inside, but elegant

Highlights include a glass panel between the driver’s cabin, two vintage 8-inch televisions with VHS recorders and a pillow with a funny motif. Just cancel your subscription to the streaming platforms. There is also a traditional English Wilton carpet, walnut veneer trim and Oxblood Connolly leather trim.

All the changes added together result in a large receipt. The entire conversion into a limousine cost the sultan 135,000 British pounds, now about 155,000 euros. To stay in the spirit of the times: then you can buy a new Ferrari 360 Modena with very few options. The front 4.3 liter V8 has only done 27,320 km. So he has suffered very little.

What does Range Rover have to offer?

A special limousine goes under the hammer Popular Brokers. The auctioneer estimates that the Range Rover will sell for between £30,000 and £40,000. If changed, you will spend about 34,500 to 45,000 euros. There are additional allowances for the broker, but 50,000 will get you there. That’s less than the Renault Espace. If the auction house’s estimate is correct, that is.

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