Toto Wolff warns Ferrari: “Lose the title if you continue to drop points”

Toto Wolff warns Ferrari: “Lose the title if you continue to drop points”

Sam Hall and Brian van Hinthum

The Mercedes team is still not at the speed they want to be, but they were able to multiply again by crossing the third and fourth lines in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Despite this they are doing the best they can, as all Ferrari dropped out of school. So Toto Wolff warns the Italians.

Mercedes has had little to say about Red Bull and Ferrari so far this season. The stability of the German race seems to be a bit slow, but despite the great magic difficulties, the W13 almost always crosses the finish line well, unlike, for example, the Ferrari team. It ensures that the Mercedes team is currently only 38 points behind Ferrari in the builders championship.


Wolff has noticed how George Russell has now reached fourth place among drivers and mentions the importance of taking advantage. “If your car does not have as much competition as the front people, you must add a mark. It is important to include and make sure you do not end up worse than a third. You see the Ferrari situation now. If there are holes, we are there,” warns the Italians.

losing the championship

The Mercedes team is the only team that has crossed the finish line with both cars in all eight races so far. “You always have to focus on reliability, because you have to score and not just be fast, I mean, I feel bad for the Ferrari guys. They have a great engine and a good car, but in the end you lose the championship if you lose a lot of points all the time.”