Transiberico, day 3: Honda wins, hero continues / Rally Raid World Championship

Transiberico, day 3: Honda wins, hero continues / Rally Raid World Championship

The third stage of the BP Ultimate Transiberico Rally was a battle between Honda ace Tosha Schareina and veteran driver Sebastian Bühler. The German was forced to concede defeat in less than a minute.

In the third stage, the participants in the Rally Transiberico crossed the border into Spain. The route ran from Grândola in Portugal to Badajoz. It was the longest day with a special stage of 374 km; Including connecting roads, 600 km had to be covered. The terrain was varied and included a few sandy trails, but firm ground and technical sections with lots of puddles and gravel.

From the start, Honda driver Tosha Schareina set the fastest times. Young daredevil started in sixth place, but it was after about 200 kilometers that he overtook the winner of yesterday’s stage, Sebastian Bühler from Team Mashujaa, and also took the lead on the route.

Bühler and Schareina did not give each other anything until the end, only 48 seconds separated the two acres of the meeting. The Spaniard won the stage, the German, who also has Portuguese citizenship, took second place. The Portuguese Bruno Santos from the Rally2 group took third place.

Rally Raid leader Ross Branch (Hero) finished fifth, eight minutes behind.

Antoine Maio brings Yamaha back to the action of the World Rally Raid Championship. The Portuguese did not want to miss a World Cup match on his doorstep and finished sixth despite a six-minute time penalty. Pierer Mobility Group’s best motorcycle brought Bradley Cox (BAS KTM) to the finish line in 8th place. Spaniard Lorenzo Santolina finished eleventh on the Sherco.

Rally Transiberico 2024 – provisional results stage 3
Pos Driver (national) Motorcycle Time (hh:mm:ss) Strafe (hh:mm)
1. Tosha Schareina (ESP) Honda 3:23:48
2. Sebastian Bühler (DEU) Hero 3:24:36
3. Bruno Santos (PRT) Husqvarna 3:26:48
4. Adrien van Beveren (FRA) Honda 3:30:37
5. Ross Branch (BWA) Hero 3:32:43
6. Antonio Maio (PRT) Yamaha 3:33:11 0:06
7. Skyler Howes (USA) Honda 3:33:14
8. Bradley Cox (ZAF) KTM 3:34:37
9. Edgar Canet (L) KTM 3:35:02
10. Pablo Quintanilla (CHL) Honda 3:35:05
11. Lorenzo Santolino (ESP) Sherco 3:35:44
12. Harith Noah Koitha Veettil (IND) Sherco 3:40:08
13. Mathieu Doveze (FRA) KTM 3:42:54
14. Pablo Jeremias Pascual (ARG) Husqvarna 3:42:59
15. Romain Dumontier (FRA) Husqvarna 3:43:01
Rally Transiberico 2024 – provisional status after stage 3
Pos Driver (national) Motorcycle Time (hh:mm:ss) Strafe (hh:mm)
1. Tosha Schareina (ESP) Honda 6:30:19
2. Sebastian Bühler (DEU) Hero 6:34:03 0:04
3. Santos Santos (PRT) Husqvarna 6:40:20
4. Skyler Howes (USA) Honda 6:44:02
5. Antonio Maio (PRT) Yamaha 6:44:33 0:06
6. Lorenzo Santolino (ESP) Sherco 6:46:45
7. Adrien van Beveren (FRA) Honda 6:47:07 0:12
8. Ross Branch (BWA) Hero 6:47:44 0:02
9. Pablo Quintanilla (CHL) Honda 6:48:27
10. Edgar Canet (L) KTM 6:57:17 0:12
11. Bradley Cox (ZAF) KTM 7:00:10 0:20
12. Mathieu Doveze (FRA) KTM 7:01:35
13. Romain Dumontier (FRA) Husqvarna 7:02:44 0:02
14. Pablo Jeremias Pascual (ARG) Husqvarna 7:03:26
15. Casting David (FRA) Husqvarna 7:20:20