Updated G550 Swaps V-8 for Turbo Six, Delivering More Horsepower

Updated G550 Swaps V-8 for Turbo Six, Delivering More Horsepower

In a complete redesign unlike anything seen before, Mercedes-Benz is taking the legendary G-Class off-road legend into a new electrified era that will leave enthusiasts worldwide in awe.

Building from scratch on the new modular AMG MRA electric vehicle platform allows the G’s engineering wizards to conjure up innovative solutions, reshaping over four decades of durability and go-anywhere ability into a silky smooth zero-emission package.

Pulling the covers off the long-awaited electric G63 AMG in Mercedes’ sprawling Sindelfingen headquarters, crowds were left gasping as 750 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of instant torque was unleashed, accelerating the big bruiser from zero to 60 in just four seconds dead while still retaining that iconic G-Class design.

With its familiar yet modernized sharp body lines under minimal disguise during testing on public roads, the new G manages to look fresh and future-proof but retains its beloved boxy profile that’s become legendary in off-road circles worldwide.

Stashed discreetly under the indestructible G-Class floorplan lies a sizable 27.5-kWh battery, using space efficiently to free up maximum passenger and cargo volume while its liquid-cooled lithium-ion cells deliver over two hundred miles of range from a quick charge.

Three separate electric motors are positioned strategically for ultimate traction — one on each axle to keep the G’s reputation for always making it across any surface intact. This allows new levels of control and performance on and off the paved paths.

With its intelligent four-wheel drive system and low-range gearing, the G-Class remains just as capable of venturing beyond the road’s end as before. Yet its new electric power and seamless switchable air suspension bring a surprise – this G is as luxurious as any S-Class!

Updated G550 Swaps V-8 for Turbo Six, Delivering More Horsepower

Receiving the full AMG treatment inside and out with dynamic driving modes and a fully digital cockpit, it’s clear the G is still every inch the indulgent luxury off-roader it’s always been. But now it delivers its thrills while respecting Mother Nature, without wasting a single precious resource.

Like a knight riding into the new electric era in his trusty stead, the G continues its tradition of taking its privileged passengers without abandon on adventures the world over — only now its realm has expanded to include the future. With orders already far exceeding availability, this G establishes Mercedes as the electric pioneer many expected it to be.

As the first AMG model to utilize the new MRA flexible EV platform, the G paves the way for an entire range of AMG products to follow in developing optimized electric drivetrains. But for the moment, the spotlight is it’s alone – this G is truly the one to kick off the new generation of go-anywhere zero emissions luxury.

With massive torque on tap from a standstill and power stretching far beyond any gas engine’s limit, the new G63 AMG demolishes any precedent set by its predecessors, covering ground in a way that makes its performance truly next-level.

By mounting the battery low in the chassis and retaining adjustable air suspension, the G’s legendary off-road dynamics remain intact, letting it crawl and crush over tough terrain that would disappoint lesser vehicles.

Thanks to efficient battery packaging and ultra-fast charging capability, the G63 AMG avoids the range anxiety plaguing some EVs while still delivering supercar speed and acceleration from its three electric motors.

A range estimate just shy of 300 miles empowers the G to embark on days-long adventures between charges without issues, keeping its go-anywhere ability fully realized in the electric age.

With driving modes tailored by AMG for entertainment and capabilities enhanced by benefits like one-pedal driving, piloting the G63 EV seems destined to bring a whole new level of smiles to every journey.

Pushing performance into a new dimension wasn’t enough – Mercedes had to envelop the electric G-Class within the hallmark luxury and refinement expected of cars wearing the three-pointed star.

Debuting in 2025 with a splash as a 2026 model, the G63 AMG paces the pioneering electrified path for Mercedes and proves no capability needs to be compromised to save the planet.

A lower-powered G550 variant will follow to broaden the appeal, showcasing how electrification can exist across model lines while maintaining the venerable G-Wagen’s go-anywhere spirit.

With a lofty estimated price befitting its status, the new G63 AMG establishes Mercedes-AMG as the consummate creator of luxurious high-performance products embracing the electric wave of the future.

This next-generation G sets a new precedent not just for off-roaders but the entire luxury segment, simultaneously revolutionizing performance expectations and preserving the intrinsic character coveted by its fervent global fans.

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By removing the sonorous roar of its predecessors, the electric G63 AMG enhances the sensation of brute force available instantly from a standstill, catapulting with neck-snapping acceleration yet maintaining legendary composure at any speed.

Engineers remastered the G-Class driving position and commanding view out over the short hood, now amplifying the feeling of control from behind the latest MBUX Hyperscreen with its vibrant display of EV stats.

Pioneering the way for an entire lineup of electrified high-performance machines, AMG puts its signature dynamics and personalized drives into a new zero-emissions framework with the G63’s exponentially expanding torque curve.

While challenging competitors like the Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus, the G63 AMG elevates the standard expected of a luxury electric performance SUV with its unique blend of refinement, usability, and off-road supremacy.

Opening a new gateway to G-Class ownership with easier operation and lower costs, the electric G550 variant expands the legendary nameplate’s appeal to a new generation seeking eco-minded alternatives.

Reimagining over 40 years of proven automotive engineering in a sustainable form, Mercedes-AMG strategically positions itself at the vanguard of exciting electric performance for decades to come.

Pushing the limits of what batteries and EVs can achieve in unique applications, the mercilessly capable G63 AMG rewrites the rules of exhilarating off-road thrills with its eco-friendly triple motor system.

Demonstrating top-tier safety techs like cameras, sensors, and driver assists can coexist happily with hellacious acceleration rates, the electric G-Class assures comfort in every situation.

Establishing a new paradigm, the new G63 AMG invites all to experience the emotion and capability of AMG in an electrified guise far superior to any competitor thus far.

With unprecedented power, capability, and usability in a famously charismatic guise, the pioneering G63 AMG promises to leave any in awe of Mercedes-Benz’s vision and execution for an electrified future.