Volkswagen shares: there is a risk of going backwards

Volkswagen shares: there is a risk of going backwards

The next day of losses at Volkswagen is near. After a friendly start to the business week, inflation data from the US weighed on investors on Tuesday and sent VW shares down for the day. The papers are also in the red on Thursday. This also covered the chart image.

The head is now turning south again shortly before the key 200-day line around 157 euros. The recovery that has been going on since July is currently not in danger. The bulls are supported by several brands of technological support.

The closest is the GD100 for 143.21 euros. A little lower, the multi-week low of EUR 137.46 is also available as support. As long as the last mark has not fallen to the bottom at the end of the day, the uptrend that is still young will remain.

VW (Ex.) in EUR

The state of change among investors is still a big challenge for investors. So they should act more cautiously for now. Due to the technical situation, further pullback is expected for VW shares in the coming days. Porsche’s targeted IPO could provide new impetus. VW stock is currently a position to hold.

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