What types of vehicles are most affected?

What types of vehicles are most affected?

Meter fraud is so common that around one in six cars on the used market is affected.

It’s an exercise in misfortune more common than you think. Many sellers manipulate their counter to show the most profitable distance during the sale. This is clearly not without consequences for cheated buyers.

What results?

This is a study conducted by CarVerticalwhich allows you to check the information of the used car, which shows level of innovation. To do this, the company has filter the history of 1.11 million vehicles used in the last 12 months. All in 24 markets including Europe and the US.

According to the International Automobile Federation (FIA), in France, it will be 600,000 used cars who would be affected by this counter scam. So this is a certain risk for buyers and it is not necessarily easy not to be deceived.

It’s just our Belgian neighbors, thanks to Car-Pas must when selling, do well to protect the best buyers. In other markets, it is a forest.

The financial losses associated with mileage fraud are estimated 8.77 billion euros per year, according to a study by the European Parliament Research Service. It must be said that, according to research, 15.6% of all cars are tampered with. And do not expect a miracle to switch electricity, 14.6% would submit a fraudulent meter.

In fact, a car that is more worn than advertised will be a must more expensive to maintain than expected. As for the electric ones, this is very misleading about the remaining battery capacity. In addition, it is also a weight loss for the buyer who pays more for a car that is worth less.

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The Germans took the lead

Not surprisingly, we get in the top position especially German models. Not that they are easier to manipulate than other models, but simply because they are more financially attractive to fraudsters.

Thus, the sad victory for the best-selling model goes to the Audi A8, where 30% of checked articles had fraudulent mileage. Next comes, on 2e stage stage, Ford Mustang at 25.7% false examples.

In addition, among the 20 examples of heads, Only 3 are not Germanwith Mustang in 2e therefore, put the Ford Fusion at 10e place (22%) and Volvo XC70 in 14e position (21.1%).

All other models are from German products. So we get Volkswagen Touareg (25.4%)Audi A7 (24.5%), BMW 7 Series (24.1%), Volkswagen Transporter (24%) or even BMW X6 and X5 (23.6 and 23.4%) then Audi A6 (22.2%), etc. The surprise comes from Mercedes of which no example is held in this top 20.