With “Connected Home Charging”, optimized solar home charging and charging for all BMW and MINI electric cars and plug-ins.

With “Connected Home Charging”, optimized solar home charging and charging for all BMW and MINI electric cars and plug-ins.

Monaco. The BMW Group and E.ON are working together to integrate the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle into the smart home and energy system of the future.

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As a first step, the strategic partnership now enables the creation of a payment ecosystem in customers’ homes that intelligently and directly connects the charging of BMW and MINI vehicles to solar energy production and home users. In addition, this system allows dynamic load balancing that allows power management between home users.

For everyone, even those who do not have photovoltaics, a “Connected Home Charging” package is available that can be ordered either at the dealer or directly through the car configurator on the Internet to allow charging of all hybrid electric vehicles with plug-ins. BMW and MINI (BEV+PHEV). (www.bmw.it; www.mini.it).

The test markets are Germany, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. This package provides customers with all features and services from a single source which is E.ON.

The components of the package are the BMW / MINI Wallbox Plus as a convenient charging point, a smart meter with reverse connection as the basis for all Connected Home Charging services and all installation and configuration work by E.ON. Customers can set system settings and track payments intuitively via the My BMW App or MINI App.

In the case of photovoltaic energy production, the digital and automatic control of the energy flow allows you to benefit from low payment costs and increase your level of self-sufficiency, and the efficient use of green energy contributes to climate protection.

In Italy, the price of the Connected Home Charging package for customers partdepending on the installation, from 1,585 euros including VAT. After 3 years, the services included in the package can be extended directly through the BMW / MINI Integrated Store.

The Connected Home Charging Package can also be ordered for all vehicles in the BMW / MINI hybrid electric and plug-in range already delivered before April 2024 through all BMW / MINI dealers.

Home and electric car as a shared energy ecosystem

With the presence of photovoltaic panels, the integrated Home Charging package from BMW and E.ON, for example, allows you to use additional solar energy.

“Together with E.ON, we are making the car an integral part of the smart home, with BMW and MINI electric vehicles at the heart. This brings balance to the personal energy system, reducing energy costs for our customers and improving their carbon footprint, improving the use of green energy The partnership will also allow us to integrate into the energy market in the future,” said Dominik Becks, Head of New Business Areas for Energy Services at the BMW Group.

“Since eco-driving does not work without electronic charging, I am happy to collaborate with BMW to offer electric BMW and MINI drivers not only energy management, but also solar charging as the first step to charge your car using your own energy solar According to our survey, 67% of electric car drivers in Germany, who live in their own homes, have a solar system added value for more efficient use of energy”, says Mathias Wiecher, CCO of E.ON Drive.

Joint implementation of two-way payments

As part of the collaboration between BMW and E.ON, more features will be implemented in the future. These include cost-optimized charging, which allows customers to participate in price development in the electricity market, charging at a particularly low price at certain times. For the BMW Neue Klasse, from 2025, the Connected Home Charging offer will also be extended to two-way charging. This technology allows customers to use a high-power electric vehicle battery as a storage unit and ultimately feed the stored electricity into the national grid or use it in their home.

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Both partners can also benefit from the results of joint research projects on two-way charging with the BMW i3 group.

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BMW / MINI charging:
charging on the go with ease, transparency and high internet access.

In addition to intelligent solutions for charging at home, customers can also rely on a simple solution from BMW / MINI Charging for charging on the move. The main advantages are attractive kilowatt-hour prices for AC and DC Active Duty charging in Europe, regardless of the operator of the charging infrastructure and the price displayed at the charging station.

The IONITY High Power charging network is also connected to the BMW charging network.

With just one subscription, BMW/MINI Charging offers access to more than 700,000 public charging stations in 29 countries in Europe alone. With coverage of over 95% of all public charging networks, BMW / MINI Charging is one of the leading charging providers.

BMW / MINI charging customers worldwide have access to more than two million charging stations, in cooperation with international partners.

Furthermore, thanks to the innovative Multi Contract Plug & Charge system, customers can digitally store up to five charging contracts from different suppliers in the car. The authentication required for the billing and billing process is done automatically at compatible billing points.

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