With the Avenger 4xe, Jeep unveils its four-wheel drive hybrid hero

With the Avenger 4xe, Jeep unveils its four-wheel drive hybrid hero

The small Jeep Avenger becomes a hybrid with the arrival of the 4xe version that has, thanks to two electric motors as well as a heat engine, a wheel drive.

When your name is Jeep, you have to maintain a certain standard. We are not talking specifically about comfort or equipment, but the spirit of dedication. And it’s true that since its arrival on our roads less than a year ago, the Avenger has only gotten closer in its guise… of a small urban SUV. But the car of 2023, has already been released in a 100% electric or petrol version, definitely interested in taking crampons. And to do it, it becomes a hybrid… and it offers four-wheel drive ! In fact, contrary to the concept of previewing it at the 2022 Paris Motor Show, the all-new Jeep Avenger 4xe is not electric but may rely on a petrol engine and an electric motor. Or rather two!

A few kilometers of electricity

Let’s not wait any longer to get the technical details of this new Avenger 4xe, which has a 136 horse power unit and two electric motors of 21 kW (28 hp) each. A new 48V e-Hybrid system that doesn’t recharge – so it’s not a plug-in hybrid like in the Wrangler 4xe – but which allows you to have an all-wheel drive, regardless of the state of charge of the battery. Jeep Avenger 4xe can move on the electric motor alone when the car is traveling at a very low speed, or during parking maneuvers. Understand from this its entire electrical range is only a few hundred meters. It is enough, despite everything, to probably ensure a measured use although no statistics have been presented to date …

Avengers Galaxy

Indeed, Jeep isn’t telling us much about its future Avenger 4xe, and we have to stick with the only published sketch. We are also waiting to know more about its excellent off-road capabilities.. But this first image at least suggests a “physics” that shows its more ambitious, especially with this redesigned shield. It’s still just a photo presentation, carpe diem…

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A very unique club

One thing is certain, is that by increasing the engine, this Avenger intends to reach as many people as possible. For Jeep, it’s also an opportunity to join an exclusive club of manufacturers that offer their cars in a variety of engines, such as Korea’s Kia and Hyundai. So you will still have to show some patience to see this Jeep Avenger 4xe arrive on our roads.. Orders for the model will open at the end of 2024.

Mael Pilven

Updated 02/26/2024 at 07:18