2.5 meters tall: police stopped while unloading Ford

2.5 meters tall: police stopped while unloading Ford

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In Lower Saxony, road users alerted police to an emergency Ford Transit – the car was too long.

It is very important to load the car correctly – and keep your luggage safe – even when you go on vacation. If you don’t pay attention, you put yourself and other residents at risk. With “professional” transport, one would really think that drivers would know how to deliver cargo safely to their destination.

But that is not always the case. Police recently suspended one Self-propelled Mercedes flatbed truckwho carried the piggyback of the VW Caddy The semi-trailer even transported the car to the loaded logs. Now road users in Göttingen notified the police because of the unfortunately loaded Ford Transit.

Excess 2.5 meters: Police stopped a Ford truck suddenly loaded

The look was so shocking that several road users reported a Ford Transit to the police. Dozens of wooden slats protruded more than 2.50 meters from the open back door of the car, as reported by 24auto.de. Road users also recently reported a truck dropping off a police car – it was overcrowded.

Police stopped the unloaded Ford – the front wheels for a short time almost without ground contact

But the goods shipped did not come very far from Ford’s back and also did not have adequate protection – because of improper loading and weight distribution, Ford’s rear wheels landed on the wheel arches on a small roadblock. , according to witnesses. At the same time, the front wheels almost completely lost contact with the ground for a short time.

Police stop adventurous carrying Ford – “Where did he get his driver’s license?”

Highway police removed a Ford Transit vehicle from traffic. After a thorough inspection, officials found that the overall stability of the vehicle was compromised by a badly distributed load. Fine lawsuits were filed against the 56-year-old driver and car owner.

Many comments about the transport operation have now accumulated under the Göttingen police Facebook post – some see it as a blink of an eye. Here are a few examples:

  • “For lack of wood, you must take it!”
  • “Another pallet of concrete in the front passenger seat, then he will not lose contact with the ground very quickly.”
  • “As the car was loaded, the driver certainly had a board in front of his head.”
  • “It’s not normal anymore. Where did he get his driver’s license?”
  • “Wow, hard to believe.”

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