2024 Land Rover Defender 130 Outbound, an Off-Road Panel Van

2024 Land Rover Defender 130 Outbound, an Off-Road Panel Van

The all-new 2024 Land Rover Defender 130 introduces an extended wheelbase variant, stretching the body to a spacious 130 inches between the wheels. This added length allows for properly accommodating up to eight passengers in bold British expedition style.

Available as either a commanding two-door model or a flexibly practical four-door, the tested Defender 130 came in the latter configuration, brimming with possibilities for family adventures or cargo excursions into the wild unknown.

Pricing starts at a bold but not unheard of $57,700 for the two-door, whilst the four-door variant checks in at $62,850 before options are considered. This test vehicle pushed budgets higher with a sticker cresting six figures thanks to every luxury and capability add-on under the sun.

Propelling those adventures comes a stout and torquey 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six, pumping out a robust 395 horsepower and a substantial 406 pound-feet of twisting force. All that gruff British muscle runs through a smooth-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission.

Full-time four-wheel drive with low-range transfer case options ensures all that power can be put to earth, regardless of surface or season. Wheels will spin and bite, gaining precious traction where normal vehicles would stay stuck.

With a substantial 8201-pound tow rating, this Defender 130 can haul equipment, toys, and troubles to the most isolated job sites with loads in tow. Cargo in the back and family in the cabin, it stands ready to serve practical purposes with pride.

Off-road capabilities are centered around best-in-class approach, departure, and breakover angles of 38, 40, and 28 degrees. Such robust geometry lets this modern machine traverse rocky ledges and step over rugged obstacles with certainty.

Adaptive air suspension calibrations allow the Defender 130 to raise or lower itself a full three inches, optimizing ground clearance from a maximum of 11.5 inches down. Such adaptability proves a welcome advantage when tackling diverse terrain.

A suite of Terrain Response drive modes intelligently adjusts throttle, transmission, center differential, and more to optimize traction in any conditions. Select between various surfaces from a button, and let Land Rover’s software do the dirty work.

Inside, the Defender keeps things hardy with rubberized washable upholstery and durable exposed rivets. But hidden luxuries like massage seats prove even hard-working adventurers appreciate small comforts after achieving big goals.

2024 Land Rover Defender 130 Outbound, an Off-Road Panel Van

Third-row seating makes for tight quarters, better suited to children than full-sized adults on long tours. Headroom proves constricted, but the slidable second row opens up more footwell space ahead when needed.

With the third row erected, the maximum cargo capacity behind measures a paltry 18.7 cubic feet. But clever storage nooks and bolted-down tie-downs prove versatility remains, even in tight confines.

Up front, seats offer cushioning perfection for any road, whether gliding smoothly down highways or bouncing briskly over boulders. Only minor nitpicking could find fault in the supportive front thrones.

The Pivi Pro infotainment responds snappily to inputs, delivering satellite maps, audio, and more with clarity. Though occasionally finicky menus detract from the user experience behind the wheel. Safety remains the priority.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integrate seamlessly through hidden wireless tech, keeping drivers connected while keeping hands on the wheel and eyes on the path. Digital instruments likewise provide helpful data.

Every modern driver aid and safety net can be optionally selected, allowing owners to tailor protection levels to suit. From blind spot monitoring to rear automatic braking, playing it safe comes down to individual preference.

On pavement, the Defender 130 settles into a smooth and controlled driving demeanor. Body motions stay flat and composed over any road, thanks to rigid architecture and carefully tuned dampers.

Light yet communicative power steering rewards with feedback about grip levels. Turn-in proves nimble for a large machine, allowing the Defender to hustle down winding tarmac when the spirit strikes.

Despite mass and height, corners can be casually tossed into and powered out of with inspiring poise and balance. Chrysler’s engineering magic brings out the best in this robust yet refined platform.

Brakes deliver confidence-inspiring bites underfoot, with a progressive feel allowing easy thresholds to be found without fuss. Fade proves non-existent, even after extended downhill trail drives.

New 2024 Land Rover Defender 130 Outbound SUV in Hartford #67866 | Land  Rover Hartford

Underhood, the turbo six flexes muscle through its powerband, eagerly swallowing the tarmac. Though at higher revs, vibration hints at straining for more. Its broad shove suits all situations.

With a combined 19 mpg estimate, fuelling proves better than hauling heavy loads or tackling terrain might suggest. Careful optimizations make the most of every drop without sacrificing go.

Default rear bias optimizes handling manners, allowing the tail to power outward in corners with minimal push. It feels playful yet predictable on winding roads.

Heavy loads vanish up hills and challenging grades remain surmountable with a smooth, urge on command. The stout powertrain proudly demonstrates its capability to tow or transport in style.

Off-road, the Defender shines most of all. Its tall stance, short overhangs, and composed chassis make light of hardcore conditions. Confidence in running trails comes naturally.

Every switch and control falls under finger and falls, letting the driver focus fully on the fun. Media and temperatures adjust without moving the focus from the path ahead.

Second-row versatility sees all varieties of families and crews comfortably in comfort. Slide and recline options optimize space for any need.

While the third row allows children along, full-sized adults may find the experience cramped and claustrophobic over longer adventures. Cargo space behind shrinks to almost nothing.

Outstanding visibility abounds thanks to the sheer glass area. Tall windows and thin pillars make perceiving surroundings effortless whether navigating tight trails or heavy traffic alike.

Starting prices put it amongst luxury competitors, though specification and capability easily validate the Defender 130’s worth. You get so much truck for your money.

Varied configurations cover the needs of every adventurer, from dedicated rock crawlers to Overlanding families. Customize your Defender to perfectly serve your lifestyle.

Turn heads it will with bold retro-inspired looks that stand proudly out from the sea of crossover sameness. Its unique charisma attracts attention anywhere.

Inspires owners to seek out new horizons and tracks untraveled. Builds memories from experiences had within its robust but welcoming cabin. Legends live on through this Defender.

Brings together the best of heritage design and go-anywhere capability with modern three-row versatility. Defines a new chapter for the legendary nameplate and those who drive them.

In summary – The 2024 Land Rover Defender 130 marries refinement, practicality, and hardcore heroics into a compelling all-terrain package. It defines what a modern adventure machine can be