2025 Mini Cooper S Boasts 201 HP, Priced at ,195 to Start

2025 Mini Cooper S Boasts 201 HP, Priced at $33,195 to Start

MINI reveals new “triple” powered punch: The automaker has just unveiled its new secret weapon – a spry 1.5L 3-cylinder engine dubbed the “Royal London”.

Downsizing to a triple: Where there was once a stout 4-pot, now beats the tiny but mighty 3-banger. MINI says this turbocharged mill will fit like a glove.

Paying homage to its home: BMWG says the engine takes inspiration from Mini’s UK roots, featuring a name celebrating the capital. But will it have enough grunt for the streets of London?

Small but spacious hearts: Squeezed into a tiny 1.5L footprint, the 3-pot packs a punch with over 180hp – not bad for such a little engine!

Torqued up and turbocharged: With over 170 lb-ft of twist on tap, the addition of a twin-scroll turbo means thrills are never far beneath the right pedal.

Shifting into high gear: An 8-speed automatic will send the Mini’s newfound power to the front or all four wheels. Overdrive gears promise good fuel darting around town.

Sipping, not guzzling: An estimated 35mpg combined means these Minis won’t break owners’ wallets at the pump. Extra credit for being kind to the environment too.

2025 Mini Cooper S Boasts 201 HP, Priced at ,195 to Start

Made in Britain, for Britain: The Royal London will be built right here on home soil at BMW’s Hams Hall plant. Rule Britannia!

Dancing to a new tune: Valvetronic and turbo tech work in tandem producing silky smooth torquier than a 4-pot could muster.

On the small side, but big on character: Mini says despite its tiny dimensions, the 3-pot sounds sweeter than expected under acceleration.

Lightning quick responses: A twin-scroll turbo ensures lag is a thing of the past. Throttle inputs are rewarded instantly with the urge.

AWD or not, power in any form: The sparky 3-banger will motivate Minis whether driven off just the front or all four wheels for extra traction.

Pricing TBA but a relative bargain: While exact MSRPs are secret, the 3-pot should undercut the current 4-cylinder Cooper S around $30k mark.

Smaller engine, equally big fun: Mini claims the performance experience will feel similar to the 4-pot it replaces. Sales will be huge if true!

A 5 mpg boost is nothing to sniff at Real-world driving could see a tidy increase in fuel numbers, meaning more fun per tank. Thumbs up from environmentalists too no doubt.

A sporty staccato song: Rather than a bassy 4-cylinder grumble, the 3-pot sings a higher-revving tune that promotes its enthusiastic character.

Refinement was the name of the game: Engineers honed everything from vibrations to acoustics to ensure a premium feel matching Mini’s heritage of go-kart handling.

Hurrah for Hams Hall: The state-of-the-art factory near Birmingham was an obvious choice to take mass production duties for the milestone engine.

2025 Mini Cooper: What We Know So Far

Bridging the past and future: This turbo 3-pot keeps the fires burning until Mini switches to electric-only around 2030. The timing is pitch-perfect.

The first look is LA 2022: We’ll get to see the new engine in the metal when the 2025 Mini hits the LA Auto Show stands this November in all its glory.

2024 markets, 2025 models: Look for the Mini 3-pot to launch globally in late 2024 as a 2025 model year car. Production should already be underway by then.

Sayonara 4-cylinder: After a highly appreciated tenure, the stalwart 4-pot is entering its twilight years over the next 2-3 model cycles.

Half electric by 2027: Mini’s roadmap will see hybrids and EVs surge, comprising 50% of sales within 5 years. Electrification is inevitable it seems.

Fully electric hatch in 2025: Rumor has it a battery Mini is now scheduled much sooner, perhaps as a 2025 model itself. How exciting!

Electric future, gas present: For those who still love firing up a petrol potter, Mini says the 3-pot offers an engaging drive EVs can’t match today.

The new normal: Downsizing is the name of the game as we transition to zero emissions. This little 3-pot leads Mini into that brave new world.

Turbo tech takes tiny engines tall: With clever boosting, even the titchiest capacities can produce some serious shove. Physics who?

Rule Britannia, Mini motors on This trailblazing British brand seems set to thrill us for decades more. Here’s to the next chapter with the Royal London 3-cylinder leading the charge!

Topping out the tanks: By cranking out just enough dosh, Mini’s new triple will let traditionalists tour until electrification ends once and for all the era of liquid petroleum propulsion.

The future is diminutive and turbocharged: Mini proves small can be beautiful, and that downsizing presents unlimited fun when boosted by today’s turbocharging tech. Viva la Revolution!