2024 Buick Envision’s Starting Price Set at ,295, Offering Affordability and Luxury

2024 Buick Envision’s Starting Price Set at $37,295, Offering Affordability and Luxury

Buick is giving us even more to gaze at with their reformulated 2024 Envision SUV. While we admired its handsome new look unveiled last June, Buick wasn’t done revealing secrets.

This revamped cruiser will debut with a starting price of $37,295, securing its spot in the heart of Buick’s lineup. But the biggest reveal is found behind the wheel—a colossal 30-inch screen spanning the entire dashboard with gauges and infotainment at your fingertips.

2024 Buick Envision’s Starting Price Set at ,295, Offering Affordability and Luxury

For 2024, Buick had plotted to include its advanced Super Cruise technology but has postponed its Envision introduction, choosing a later date to dazzle us. Always leaves us wanting more, it seems!

Buick’s SUV selection has undergone some changes of late. With the refreshed vision on the not-so-distant horizon, summer can’t come soon enough as we wait impatiently to experience this reinvigorated utility vehicle beneath sunny skies.

Following suit with Buick’s other updated models, the Envision bids farewell to the old mid-level Essence trim. In its place, buyers can now opt for the sportier Sport Touring grade.

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Stepping into the refurbished Envision’s driver seat starts at $37,295 for the entry Preferred trim—a $2500 climb over last year. But the new Sport Touring elevates the package with 20-inch wheels, its price tag rising another $2500 above the basic Preferred.

Those seeking the peak of posh will find the pinnacle Avenir trim commands a heftier haul, carrying a base MSRP of $48,395. This flagship offers luxury conveniences like heated steering, dual-zone climate control, and remote start as standard—worth the premium price?

Buick reshuffles Envision’s offerings to match the updated style and tech inside. With three tiers to choose between, there’s a revised ride to match every budget.

Gone is the dual display setup seen in smaller Encore GX – all Envision models now boast an immense, panoramic 30-inch touchscreen spanning the dashboard. Owners can customize this widescreen wonderland, choosing which widgets show navigation, media, or vehicle vitals.

Powered by Google and compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly, the colossal console provides the ultimate in connected convenience. Drivers design their digital domain from customizable home screens and app menus.

Unfortunately for driving assist fans, Super Cruise has taken an unplanned detour from the Envision’s course. While the hands-free technology was scheduled for debut, shifting timelines led Buick to postpone its arrival. But brand representatives promise eager drivers the system will steer its way back to Buicks down the auto lane when conditions align. For now, the Envision offers a spacious screen scenery while Super Cruise sights are set on a future appearance.

With the expansive screen taking center stage, Buick fittingly fashioned the rest of the Envision’s passenger palace to match. Front seats and rear rows receive refreshing redesigns, while the dashboard and console debut striking new styling.

A dual-toned color scheme wraps the interior in luxe looks. Slate Blue paint envelops the dash and front portals, contrasting smoothly with the lighter seating surround.

Under the hood, the familiar 228-horsepower turbo four gallops again as the sole engine choice. But all models now motor with standard all-paw traction, as the front drive is finished.

While performance parts stay familiar, the Envision’s interior injects intrigue with reinvented rows and flashy fresh furnishings. Buick glamorizes the grand tourer within for an elegant evolution inside and out.