5 Reasons to Have It and 5 Reasons Not to Have It

5 Reasons to Have It and 5 Reasons Not to Have It

Fiat returned to have the most expensive car in its portfolio to accurately review its strategies. With the Fastback, recently officially launched, the Italian brand aims at the fastest growing segment of the market, that of SUVs, but with a design proposal that suggests refinement and playfulness, and with a product with a higher profit margin.

In this way, the SUV-coupe was born, which has a complex design and even looks a little, due to the length of the rear overhang. But there is no taste for debate and the fact is that Fiat wants to sell 3,000 Fastbacks a month. Here are five reasons why you should be part of this cause, and five reasons why you shouldn’t…


5 good reasons to own a Fiat Fastback

Check out the good features that can convince you to take an SUV home.

Modern and turbocharged engines

The Fiat Fatback uses only the latest engines from FCA – Fiat Chrysler Automóveis, today Grupo Stellantis. And turbo all the time. Acupezado crossover based on Cronos (MLA platform) is produced in Betim (MG) with engines from the GSE line, with three and four cylinders.

The basic and intermediate versions – under the nickname T200 – start from the 1.0 12V turbo (which started in the Pulse), with 130 hp of power with ethanol and 125 hp, with gasoline, at 5,750 rpm. Maximum torque of 20.4 kgfm (with any oil) is achieved at 1,750 rpm. The transmission is a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that the brand started using in the Pulse, Strada and Cronos.

The T270 engine delivers 185 hp in the top Fastback version (Photo: Marcelo Jabulas | AutoPapo)

The top choice of the Abarth stamp uses the T270 turbocharged 1.3 16V which is equipped with models such as the Toro Pickup, as well as the Jeep Renegade, Compass and Commander. Here, the engine works with a six-speed Aisin automatic transmission. There are 185 hp with alcohol and 180 hp with gasoline at 5,750 rpm, while the torque reaches 27.5 kgfm at 1,750 rpm.


With both engines, the Fastback offers decent performance. In SUVs with a 1.0 engine, accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h takes 9.4 seconds (ethanol) and 9.7 seconds (petrol), according to data from Fiat. The promised maximum is, respectively, 193 km / h and 190 km / h.

With the 1.3, the SUV-coupe gets even more angry. Despite some delay in the first attack on the accelerator pedal, the start is quite strong, helped by the precise calculation of the six-gear box.

In this way, the Fastback needs 8.1 seconds to get out of inertia and reach 100 km / h with ethanol, and 8.4 seconds with gasoline. Top speed is 210 km/h at any fuel ratio, according to the Italian automaker.

well equipped

The Fastback brings, on the line, a package of driver assistance items. Collision warning with automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning and automatic headlight adjustment are standard on the line, but more advanced equipment is missing, such as cruise control and a blind spot sensor.

However, from the entry version of the Audace T200 (R$ 129,990) Fastback is offered well. There are four airbags (Fiat says they cover both the chest and the head), electronic parking brake with automatic hold, automatic and digital air conditioning, paddle shifters, rear sensor and camera, mobile phone charging, multi-screen multimedia 8.4” with Android Auto. with Apple CarPlay wireless connectivity, full LED headlights and taillights and 17-inch alloy wheels.

Fiat Fastback Limited edition powered by abarth 2023 interior
Fastback’s content package is one of the model’s strengths (Photo: Marcelo Jabulas | AutoPapo)

The Impetus T200 configuration asks R$ 10,000 more for leather seats, dark interior finish, front parking sensor, two-tone paint and black roof, front fog lights with static switching, 18-inch wheels with diamond finish , electric folding mirrors, carpet and electronics. device panel on the 7″ screen. In addition, the multimedia center uses a 10.1-inch monitor.

The highest option is called Breathtaking. The Limited Edition Abarth T270, in addition to having a more powerful 1.3-liter engine, receives visual aids and costs R$ 149,990. The 18″ wheels have a black finish and the SUV is adorned with “Limited Edition” badging on the front fenders and “Powered by Abarth” stamping on the engine bay and trunk lid.

Repairs and maintenance

The Fastback comes with a standard three-year warranty, but the Italian brand boasts that the brand’s new SUV has the cheapest basket among competitors. According to the manufacturer, this kit (which is defined by Anfavea, the association of car manufacturers) is up to 47% better in T200 versions and up to 38% better in T270.

The problem is that the brand has not detailed which pieces are part of the basket, let alone reported how much it costs. Nor did it explain in relation to which competitors these percentages of costs are cheaper.

In any case, the fixed price service plan offered for the Fastback has acceptable values ​​for the price range where the car is placed. Check the values ​​of the first six scheduled maintenances, calculated in September 2022 and valid for versions 1.0 and 1.3.

  • 1st Amendment (10,000 km): BRL 556.00
  • 2nd revision (20,000 km): BRL 568.00
  • 3rd Amendment (30,000 km): BRL 656.00
  • 4th revision (40,000 km): BRL 736.00
  • 5th Amendment (50,000 km): BRL 584.00
  • 6th Amendment (60,000 km): BRL 1,096.00

The brand also says that the Fastback is sold with three maintenance package options that can be employed alongside the SUV. The packages, whose pricing was not disclosed, include repairs, wear and tear coverage, glass blades, oxy air cleaning, alignment and alignment and up to an additional year of warranty.

The trunk

Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of Fastback. If the competition generally leaves something to be desired in this regard, the new SUV-coupe offers 516 liters of capacity, almost the same as the luggage space of the Cronos. In addition, the large opening facilitates the placement of boxes. The load capacity, however, is the same as the sedan: 400 kg.

fiat fastback audace turbo 200 2023 gray trunk
The trunk holds 516 liters, which makes it a reference in the segment (Photo: Fiat | Advertising)

5 reasons not to own a Fiat Fastback

Not everything is flowers from a damaged coupe. Find out what points can make you quit Fastback.


These new turbocharged engines from Fiat (oops, Stellantis) are bold and sophisticated, but they forgot to do their homework on utility. The models are far from the average grade A standards for Inmetro. Take a look

Fiat Fastback 1.0

The way Oil Usage
In the city ethanol 8.9 km/l
In the city Petrol 11.9 km/l
road ethanol 10.2 km/l
road Petrol 14.6 km/l

Fiat Fastback 1.3

The way Oil Usage
In the city ethanol 7.9 km/l
In the city Petrol 11.3 km/l
road ethanol 9.7 km/l
road Petrol 13.9 km/l

Space in the Fiat Fastback cabin

If the trunk is for show, the same cannot be said about the cabin. Remember that you are in a Cronos, with a wheelbase of 2.53 meters and that all the rear swing only benefited the cargo area. Up front, the driver and passenger have the usual restrictions as in the brand’s small sedan.

The knees still graze the wide cone, although there is room for the shoulders. Behind, the situation is getting worse. The fall of the third row prevents those who are taller than 1.75 m. In addition, the rear part of the air is very closed. This along with the transmission tunnel makes an adult in the middle seat impossible.

Sound blocking

Another desirable feature in the Fiat Fastback. The cabin seal is poor and you can hear a lot of road and wind noise, especially with an SUV on the road. Engine and suspension noise also interferes with any interior conversation.

fiat fastback audace turbo 200 2023 gray dashboard
Acoustic insulation is far from being a positive feature in the Italian SUV (Image: Fiat | Disclosure)

Finish more or less

Not a bad finish, but more is expected from a car that costs from R$ 130,000. To begin with, the design of the panel and the door covers directly refer to the Pulse, a cheaper model.

In addition, the rigid plastic used does not inspire much improvement. Gloss black accents and a black finish on the top version greatly enhance the overall look.


Tips for those modifications that automakers usually make in the first years of a new project’s life: Fastback deserves a better suspension setting. Despite the good behavior in the curves, the rear play with the torsion axle and without the stability bar shows a lot of track imperfections in certain conditions. The steering wheel also has poor insulation, and the driver feels all the shakes in his hands.


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