Putting the 2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport to the Test

Putting the 2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport to the Test

Honda has just revealed their all-new third-generation Ridgeline pickup truck, sporting a refreshed avant-garde face and a revitalized form that builds upon the functionality and versatility of its predecessors.

Available in the bold TrailSport trim, the 2024 Ridgeline dazzles with dark accents and striking details that accentuate its rugged prowess. The TrailSport dons a brawnier facade with aggressive bumpers, flared fenders, and sinister gloss-black wheels to match its daring demeanor.

Under the re-sculpted hood lies a dependable 3.5-liter V6 pushing out a stout 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of twist, paired seamlessly to a re-engineered 9-speed automatic tuned by Honda’s ace transmission tuners. Front-wheel drive comes standard but true hardcore trailblazers will opt for the available all-wheel drive system to conquer any terrain.

The Ridgeline’s towing muscle has grown as well, now able to drag along 5,000 pounds of toys and treasures behind it. Payloads of up to 1,584 pounds can be happily hauled, whether that’s bags of mulch or bundles of 2x4s.

Ride quality remains a Ridgeline strong suit, thanks to its independently suspended rear end. Honda’s engineers meticulously refined and retuned the suspension for improved comfort over crack-ridden roads without sacrificing an ounce of handling prowess.

At 1.6 inches longer, the new Ridgeline benefits from additional cargo space and utility. Now measuring over 221 inches tip to tail, its 121.1-inch wheelbase opens the door to even more flexibility.

The pickup bed itself expands to a spacious 65.2 cubic feet and new standard amenities like rail caps and a dampened tailgate enhance convenience. An innovative lockable In-Bed Trunk also provides a hidden 16 cubic feet of under-deck dry storage.

While a hybrid drivetrain hasn’t been confirmed, Honda’s past expertise in electrified powertrains leaves enthusiasts hopeful it may debut in a future Ridgeline. For now, the rugged TrailSport settles for conventional Virgo VTEC vigor.

Advanced Honda Sensing driver-assist and safety tech shields occupants from harm, while the available 9-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto keep occupants constantly plugged in.

TrailSport badges proudly distinguish it from lesser models and embody its enhanced go-anywhere grit. Distinct bumpers, sills, and badges signal its serious sense of adventure while 17-inch alloys accent its assertive rumble.

No towing task is too tough for the TrailSport, thanks to standard towing provisions like a class IV receiver hitch wired with a 7-pin plug. An engine cooling module also protects the V6 when hauling heavy loads up steep grades.

Around back, the TrailSport features tie-downs and deck rail enhancements in addition to the standard cleats and rear camera for confident cargo security. Its lockable glovebox can even fit small firearms for trail protection.

Unique “Ridgeline” lettering wraps the pickup bedsides and Hoosier hickory interior accents reinforce the TrailSport’s backwoods bloodline. A 120V onboard power outlet and air compressor stand ready for work or weekends.

Both front seats pivot almost fully forward to convert the spacious cabin into a flat-floor rear bed. Underfloor storage protects gear from grime and an optional power-sliding rack expands versatility.

Starting at $38,790, the FWD Ridgeline Sport is affordably adventurous. For $43,890, the 4WD TrailSport amps the excitement with off-road optics and hardware guaranteed for grins.

With a refined structure, suspension, and 3-motor driveshaft, the Ridge cruises comfortably while retaining its Edge sports sedan heritage. Rated for 21 mpg city and 27 highway, it delivers both comfort and economy for all-day drives.

Putting the 2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport to the Test

Backed by Honda’s reputation for reliability, a 5-year/60k basic and 3-year/36k powertrain warranty protects investments. The TrailSport brings bold new style and substance to the mid-size pickup fight.

Whether tackling tough terrain, hauling cherished gear, or simply cruising as a capable daily, the 2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport blends usability, versatility, and value into one adventurous package. This artful truck is ready to lead trailblazers to new frontiers.

Order banks for the completely redesigned 2024 Ridgeline open this summer with vehicles arriving at dealerships in early 2023. direct competitors like the Raptor-fighting Ford Ranger, off-road king Toyota Tacoma, and multitalented Chevy Colorado better be ready for this newest entrant in the pickup wars.

The TrailSport’s trick torque-vectoring super handling, skid plates, and off-pavement toys put it in a class of its own for a practical parade float that loves to get its wheels dirty. This modern motoring machine proves crossover capability and truck toughness can perfectly coexist.

After a quarter-century of cultivating its sport sedan legacy, Honda now has truck tongues wagging with this third-act pickup that expands the Edge’s go-anywhere creed. The 2024 TrailSport carves its trail yet stays true to Honda’s performance pedigree.

For a vehicle at home on any trail yet at ease on any tarmac, the Ridge is tailor-made to carry lifelong memories in comfort and style. With this rugged TrailSport, even weekend warriors can feel like full-time adventure heroes behind the wheel of everyman’s iron horse.

So whether conquering sand, snow, or Sunday errands, the 2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport delivers grins from dawn to dusk with its flexible form and fearless function. This jack of all trades is a modern master of smooth sailing over any terrain.

With ground clearance for getting muddy, sedan craftsmanship for getting comfortable, and enough utility for any job, the Honda Ridgeline TrailSport proves the daily doesn’t need to be dull – every drive can be its expedition.

Honda’s refined Ridge redefines what a go-anywhere do-anything truck can be, carving out its niche as a do-it-all everyday hero. And the TrailSport takes its trail-thumping thrills and Henderson handling to another level altogether.

Adding insult to its competition’s injury, the Ridge also undercuts most rivals significantly on price while over-delivering on comfort, technology, and total package goodness. This is one loaded and exceptionally well-rounded ute.

So whether conquering your Nine-to-five or just seeking thrills after dark, the 2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport makes every moment an adventure – proving a vehicle doesn’t need blunt brutality to have true grit. Its refined renaissance redefines what a truck can be.

With a brazen new look, enhanced abilities, and value that can’t be beaten, the 2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport marks a milestone for Honda pickup prowess. And it’s primed to lead a new wave of drivers to explore beyond the expected in unexpected everyday comfort.

This Honda hauler hauls all and awes all with a winning mix of muscle, manners, and modern mobility. The 2024 Ridgeline TrailSport truly heralds a renaissance – reshaping what a do-it-all daily driver can be while retaining its roots in rugged dependability and driver delight.

In short, the Ridge has only gotten better – bolder, brighter, and more capable off-road. With its new TrailSport take, Honda delivers a true multi-tasking machine for modern adventurers. This next-gen ute sets a new gold standard for balancing badass abilities with everyday usability.

So whether taming trails or hauling home-improvement hauls, the 2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport makes the mundane epic with its rugged good looks and flexible functionality. After all, who says everyday escapades can’t feel extraordinary?

With its latest Ridge, Honda revives and refines the pickup to glorious new heights. And the TrailSport takes it all to another level with looks, tech, and hardware that happily leave the pavement behind. This is one ute that’s always up for any excursion.

In short, the 2024 Ridgeline TrailSport hauls ass and earns its stripes every day. It masters mundane missions while instilling the spirit of adventure. This modern iron horse truly lets everyday exploration be its reward.

With its unique twist on truckiness, Honda’s third-act Ridge redefines the mid-size ute and elevates the everyday drive. The TrailSport takes the thrills further still. Together, they herald a pickup renaissance that’s a hoot both on and off the highway.

2024 honda ridgeline trailsport

Whether running weekend errands or embracing endless escapades, the 2024 Ridgeline TrailSport delivers on its mission with multifaceted mastery. This is one do-it-all daily that’s always down for whatever drives your dreams – on pavement or beyond.

With its striking style, strengthened skills, and segment-topping value, the 2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport trucks others can only aspire to. This refined rig rethinks what a truck can be, and how everyday adventures should feel.

In short, Honda’s redesigned Ridge rises to glorious new heights, and the TrailSport takes it all to the next level. It ushers in a new era for adventurous all-rounders who are always eager to explore – on any surface and during any drive.

2024 honda ridgeline trailsport

The 2024 Honda Ridgeline TrailSport quite simply hits a truckload of marks for modern muscles on a budget. It masterfully blends hardcore hijinks with hassle-free daily duties to deliver genuine glee with every commute.

When it arrives next summer, the 2024 Ridgeline – and trail-taming TrailSport in particular – will decisively prove pickups have come a long way. This is one do-it-all leader that always makes any drive its reward.

In the end, Honda’s third-act Ridge and range-topping TrailSport redefine what a truck can be through versatility, value, and genuine grins per gallon. They elevate every drive and thrill on any trail. Simply put, these reimagined utes are a blast both off and on the highway.