72 years ago, the Cathedral Basilica was consecrated

72 years ago, the Cathedral Basilica was consecrated

The Cathedral Basilica of the Holy Family is one of the most recognized churches in the Archdiocese of Częstochowa. Today (October 29, 2022) 72 years have passed since the dedication of this temple. It was conducted by Bishop Teodor Kubina on the Feast of Christ the King in 1950.

The anniversary of the consecration of the cathedral takes place one day after the anniversary of the formation of the diocese of Częstochowa on October 28, 1925. To commemorate these important dates in the history of the Church of Częstochowa, the Archbishop of Częstochowa, Archbishop Wacław Depo, led Evening Holy Mass. in the Cathedral Basilica. The priest reminded that this building is the mother of all the churches of the diocese:

Before the prayer, Archbishop Wacław Depo from Częstochowa reminded those gathered about the history of the formation of the diocese and the dedication of the temple, as well as the circumstances that occurred during the 75th anniversary of the cathedral:

In his sermon, Archbishop Wacław Depo said that Christian communities, like churches, are built on the foundation of Christ, and their sanctity comes from at least three reasons:

In 2020, the renovation of the cathedral was completed, which included, among others, the renovation of the roof, the exterior facade and the historic stairs. Inside, the building received brand new heating, flooring and a sound system. The lighting was also modernized, both inside and outside the temple, which was awarded by the Polish Association of the Lighting Industry with the title “Best lighting investment of 2020”.


The entire homily of the Archbishop. Wacław Depo:

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