Putting the Mazda CX-50 and VW Tiguan to the Test

Putting the Mazda CX-50 and VW Tiguan to the Test

In this highly anticipated compact SUV showdown, Volkswagen brought their newest Tiguan to battle Mazda’s new CX-50 challenge. Both tout standard all-wheel drive for plenty of traction on slippery roads, but which will prevail as the champion of cargo and passenger capacity?

Under the hood, the Tiguan packs a modest 182-horsepower four-cylinder punch, hoping for an upset against the CX-50’s turbocharged four-banger boasting a mighty 256 horses! More torque means more glory on the streets, but engine prowess is just one bout in this crossover cage match.

With overall larger dimensions, the Mazda CX-50 stretches its legs further – but the Volkswagen Tiguan manages to still out-spacious its rival in both people and package-carrying panache. Size isn’t everything it seems, as this German Goliath may trump the Japanese David despite its smaller stature.

Stepping into the ring, judges were immediately dazzled by the CX-50’s sumptuous selection of sumptuous selections adorning the passenger palace. Quality concerns clobbered the cost-cutting cockpit of the Tiguan, forcing fans to wonder why VW skimps on such an important ingredient of any vehicle venture.

Out on the open road, the Mazda demonstrated dazzling dynamism with its composed control of the canvas. Keeping itself together through twisting turns, judges were impressed by its precise poise. The Tiguan tightened up too, taking a stiffer stance some found too firm for comfort.

Numbers on the data dash showed the turbocharged CX-50 outclassed its competitor in the acceleration arena. With more torque in its tank, it tore away from traffic lights and left little lag between gear shifts. The Tiguan put along politely but couldn’t keep up with its rival’s rapid pace.

Fuel flow figures favored the speedier yet thriftier Mazda, sipping succinctly at stops while touring tamely on the highway. VW vanquished visions of victory here, failing to best its foe in efficiency despite carrying less weight.

Options opened the door for further differentiation between contenders. Loaded as standard, the CX-50 showcased premium perks like power-adjustable front seats, heating, memory functions, and more. Basics only for the Tiguan forced would-be owners to shell out more just to enable everyday essentials.

Once in the driver’s seat, judges jived with the Mazda’s slick infotainment system. Snappy and sensibly laid out, it simply schmoozed better than the Tiguan’s tech that felt tardy and trying. Modern multimedia matters, and this is where VW was lacking luster.

Putting the Mazda CX-50 and VW Tiguan to the Test

Ride refinement emerged as a close contest, with both keeping things comfy overall. But the Mazda masterfully muted bumps with special acoustic glass and further soundproofing. Its class-leading construction created a cockpit cocoon crushing the VW for interior isolation.

Standard safety systems and driver aids gave the CX-50 an edge, helping humans avoid hazards with tech tricks like blind spot monitoring as standard stock. Drivers would have to dig deeper in their pockets to get the same assistive ally in the Tiguan.

Praising looks came down to personal preference, but for a premium feel and focus on finer details, the CX-50 cornered the market. VW coasted by on generic crossover style inside and out, unable to impress as much as Mazda’s detailed distinctions.

Packing 5 people proved a push, but packing more became the Tiguan’s forte with its optional third-row seating – tremendously expanding its talent for transport beyond its competitors. Cargo capacity also gave it an edge, giving VW some solace in the functionality fiction.

In the end, the judges declared the Mazda CX-50 the champion. With a premium ambiance, rewarding performance, specious standard features, and low costs compared to luxe looks and drives, it emerged as the clear victor over the capable but underwhelming Volkswagen Tiguan. The CX-50 had all the right ingredients for a 5-star review.

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The CX-50 staked its claim from the starting line with a turbocharged fury under the hood. Mazda’s masterful 2.5-liter four-banger unleashed 256 manic horses, rearing to run riot in the compact SUV class. Could the Volkswagen’s softly-spoken single turbo 182-pony engine keep pace with this torque-heavy technical juggernaut?

Punching the pedal sent shockwaves through the CX-50, rocketing it from rest with a savage surge that shoved occupants back in their seats. By contrast, take-off in the Tiguan was a timid tiptoe, lacking any launch luster. It was clear from the get-go this was a David vs Goliath duel and the underdog Mazda packed a mighty slingshot.

Flicking through the gears in either machine painted differing driving portraits. The CX-50 shifted slick and speedy, revving eagerly toward the redline with a zest for acceleration. Meanwhile, the Tiguan trundled through transitions that felt lethargic and left judges longing for more vigor at higher rpm.

Out on the track, the Mazda demonstrated dynamic dancing deeds with its sport-tuned steering and grippy handling. It corner-carved with confidence, sticking like glue around bends. The VW clung cautiously in comparison, lacking line-loyal lean through turns. This bushido brawler left the lumbering laggard in its wake.

Sample drive routes also showed fuel funny figures. The thrifty CX-50 sipped fuel thriftily, sticking to its EPA estimates of 24mpg city/30mpg highway with ease. But the Tiguan tank-talked taller tales, struggling to max out its rated 22/29mpg despite added avoirdupois advantages. Buyers face more fill-ups for their greenbacks.

Cabin ambiance amped appreciation levels for the artfully assembled Mazda interior. Soft-touch surfaces, aluminum-look accents, and cowhide seats cradled occupants in luxury. The Tiguan’s hard plastics and sparse aesthetics fell flat comparatively. It was clear quality came first class in the CX-50’s crafted cockpit.

Driver displays dazzled in the Mazda as well. A colorful head-up HUD and large central touchscreen kept pilots primed with vital vehicle vitals and easy-to-use infotainment. The Tiguan’s dull digital interfaces lacked luster or lively ergonomics. Here, old-school design let VW down.

Piloting both, the Mazda lets personalities shine through with precise and playful handling. It courted corners keenly, communicating road revelations through talkative steering. But the Volkswagen conveyed little character, coming across as bland behind the wheel.

So in the end, the turbocharged titan taking top honors was an obvious outcome. With stand-out style, a tech-laden feature suite, and spirited driving dynamics, the Mazda CX-50 emerged as the new compact SUV champ to beat in this class. Volkswagen will need to up its game to dethrone this dynamic debutante.

Under bright lights at the testing track, all eyes were on these two crossovers hoping to take the crown. In one corner, Volkswagen brought their Tiguan – a tried and tested fighter in this weight class. But across the ring, upstart Mazda aimed to upset the order with their all-new CX-50 challenger.

When the bell rang, the Tiguan started strong with practicality punches – its slightly larger cabin and optional third row expanded its appeal. However, cargo space scores showed the Mazda could juggle passengers and packages with near-equal fluidity. This bout was close in the capacity category.

Then came the power punches, and here the CX-50 struck with frightening fury. Its 2.5L turbo unleashed a flurry of blows, wildly flinging the Mazda ahead with each gearshift. The Tiguan struggled to keep pace with its naturally aspirated noodle arm. Points firmly went to Mazda’s muscle in this motor measurement maneuver.

Next up, fuel efficiency – an area where conservativeness counts. But despite carrying less bulk, the Volkswagen gas guzzled more than estimated. The lithe CX-50 proved thrifty through this test, tucking away W’s on its EPA scorecard. Mazda’s mastery of mileage mattered immensely.

Handling hurdles had the crowd on edge next. The CX-50 glided through with graceful precision, slipping and sliding with expert balance. But the Tiguan stumbled, lacking finesse on the figure-eight. This agility assault easily went to the Mazda’s fleet-footed ways.

Then came the all-important interior inspection. Judges were wooed by the CX-50’s luxe look and hi-tech accouterments. Meanwhile, the Tiguan’s hard plastics and feature famine left reviewers famished. Customers would surely choose the CX-50’s over-the-top opulence over the VW’s value venue.

By the final bell, the winner was clear. With dynamic driving deeds, premium paint, and standard safety nets, the CX-50 was a well-rounded champ. Volkswagen fought valiantly but their fighter fell short of execution. This was Mazda’s night to claim the compact SUV throne.

As the two SUVs lined up for their pre-fight introductions, spectators eagerly anticipated the battle between incumbent and challenger. The Tiguan had long sat comfortable atop its weight division, but the newcomer CX-50 was hungry to disrupt the order.

Mazda was first to enter the arena, greeted by loud cheers from the avid crowd. Its sharp, sweeping design left no doubt this was not your average amateur athlete. Meanwhile, Volkswagen’s reception was more muted – its look failed to energize like the competition. A sign of things to come?

When the natural order was tested on the road course, the CX-50 seized its opportunity. With pinpoint precision and balance through each switchback, it proved this was no fluke fighter. The Tiguan floundered in comparison, struggling for composure on the same stretches. Dominance was displayed.

Back-to-back efficiency engagements showed the Mazda multi-tasked mobility and frugality with practiced perfection. Measured miles burned far less fuel than projected. The VW sputtered to keep pace, burning additional bucks at the pump. Another victory for the new contender.

By the final verdict, the victor was clear to all observers. With its turbocharged talent, premium polish, and well-rounded resume, the Mazda CX-50 emerged as the rightful ruler of this realm. Volkswagen’s reign had come to an end – a new champion was crowned on this memorable night.