A former psychiatrist for the San Antonio Spurs is suing the NBA and a basketball showman.  Jeremy Sochan’s friend revealed himself to a therapist

A former psychiatrist for the San Antonio Spurs is suing the NBA and a basketball showman. Jeremy Sochan’s friend revealed himself to a therapist

Former San Antonio Spurs psychiatrist Hillary Cauthen is suing the NBA and former Spurs guard Joshua Primo, according to The Athletic. The 19-year-old Canadian has been kicked out of the club despite Spurs exercising their contract option just days before extending his contract until the end of the 2023/24 season. Primo’s firing from San Antonio came as a surprise to the league as a whole.


After being exposed for breaking the agreement – the player’s performances, no NBA club showed interest in accepting one of the talented basketball players “Ostroh”, which also includes the Polish representative, Jeremy Sochan.

Primo will be charged with multiple counts of indecent exposure. The psychiatrist admitted that the 19-year-old girl had been exposed to him naked nine times since December 2021. He also accuses the club of inaction.

Primo showed his penis Dr. Cauthen at a preliminary hearing in December 2021, according to his attorney Tony Bazby. The expert said the Spurs, including coach Gregg Popovich, were aware of what was going on.

– The organization I worked for has failed. I was talking about it. I asked for help. My specific actions are muted. Spurs took 10 months to do the right thing, he said.

According to Cauthen, in July, when the team traveled to Las Vegas, they told him not to come. He was later told that the club had lost faith in him. In August, the Spurs decided not to extend their contract with the psychiatrist.

It is said that Primo took nude photos again in front of women in Las Vegas this July and in Minnesota the weekend before the club terminated his contract with him.

Primo was supposed to be shocked by the allegations. Many of his assistants believed that the club’s employee decided to use a basketball player half his age.

Sources close to the basketball player claimed Joshua never showed his private parts on purpose. If anything was seen at one time, it was a shame when a player visited a psychiatrist before or after training or a match and slept on the bed in his basketball shorts in his office.

According to a TMZ report, Primo had a difficult childhood and a therapist helped him deal with personal problems.

Cauthen hired attorney Tony Bazby, who in April 2021 filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of 22 women against NFL player Deshaun Watson, accused of sexual harassment and misconduct.

San Antonio coach Popovich chose not to comment on Primo’s firing.

– It would be a mistake to discuss the situation with Joshua Primo at the moment. The team stands by its statement from Friday night, quoted reporter Matthew Tynan from the coach.

Primo was named 12th in the 2021 draft and named one of the most promising basketball players in the current Spurs squad. He played in 54 games with San Antonio and averaged 5.9 points.

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