A strange car does not count as junk |  free media

A strange car does not count as junk | free media

An abandoned Fiat Punto is not considered a junk car


It remains to be seen how long the slow-moving Fiat Punto will continue to block the parking space on the Progressweg in Zwickau-Eckersbach. At the request of “Freie Presse”, the district office announced that workers had checked the car. It came out: The car is not broken enough to be removed as junk. “It was determined that the car was still intact and therefore not the last car,” explains media spokesperson Ines Bettge, according to a statement from the Office of Waste Management and the Environment Agency. Therefore, the district could not get the Fiat off the road as a scrap car.

The district cannot simply cancel the registration of a vehicle that has been abandoned for at least one year and is parked on the Progressweg without a valid TÜV sticker. Because the procedure in the form of a hearing and an order must first be passed, as Bettge explains further based on information from the vehicle registration authority. In any case, the district did not have information about the so-called defect for the car, so that nothing is known that the procedure for removing the defect can be initiated. Such a procedure means that the owner must fix the defect or turn off the car within a certain time. Only if that doesn’t happen can the county close it.

According to Bettge, if an end-of-life car like this Fiat has to be thrown away, it will cost the district between 100 and 200 euros. So far this year, one last car has been removed by the Zwickau district and sent for recycling. (em)