Actual cost and utility: Mazda 3 X 2.0 M Hybrid Selection

Actual cost and utility: Mazda 3 X 2.0 M Hybrid Selection

The Mazda 3 has an e-Skyactiv-X engine with SPCCI (“spark-controlled compression ignition”): The gasoline engine uses a diesel-like ignition system, whose compressor ensures the required air supply – 186 hp slightly mixed. Petrol but as naturally aspirated engine.

The driver benefits from curved seats with long leg rests and well-positioned armrests for a relaxed posture with arms supported. In addition, the driver’s seat is electrically adjustable in the three-seater test car. Passengers have to do without adjustable lumbar support. And what about fuel and maintenance costs?

Our test application

Mazda delivers on that The 3 X 2.0 M Hybrid Selection has a WLTP consumption of 5.8 Super liters per 100 km. He departs from this value in everyday life. We determined an average consumption of 6.9 liters, which results in a fuel cost of 11.87 euros per 100 km. On the Eco cycle, the Mazda used 5.7 liters while it used 6.7 liters on the Traveler mode. If the Mazda was transferred to sports mode, consumption increased to 9.3 liters. Fuel costs are calculated using the daily updated fuel prices on our partner website more fat (07.12.2022 / Super: 1.72 euros/liter).

Rossen Gargolov

Test consumption consists of 70% from the passenger cycle and 15% each Eco and Sport.

Monthly maintenance costs

If you drive resource-efficiently as we do on our eco-lap, fuel costs per 100 kilometers will be reduced to 9.80 euros. Violent behavior results in a total of 16.00 euros. Car tax costs 124 euros a year for Mazda, liability insurance is 387 euros. Partial and comprehensive insurance costs an additional 224 and 734 euros respectively. Monthly maintenance costs of 374 euros are paid by those who drive the Mazda 15,000 kilometers a year. If the mileage is doubled, the total increases to 604 euros. We leave the loss of value in this calculation.

Mazda 3X2.0M Hybrid Selection

Rossen Gargolov

The Mazda 3 X 2.0 M Hybrid selection, which costs 31,990 euros, is ready for a practical review.

This is how it is tested

The application of automotive and sports tests consists of three applications with different weights. The so-called “passenger use” accounts for 70 percent. This is the trip from home to work, which is an average of 21 kilometers. Economically, the approximately 275-kilometer-lap length is included in the rating with 15 percent. The remaining 15 percent is accounted for by the sports driver . The length is roughly the same as the Eco cycle, but the route includes a larger section of road and therefore a higher speed on average. The basis for calculating fuel costs is always the price quoted on the “more than tanken” website on the day the article was created.

Monthly maintenance costs include maintenance, parts costs and vehicle taxes based on an assumed annual mileage of 15,000 and 30,000 kilometers without depreciation. Calculation is based on trial use, three-year holding period, no-claims class SF12 for liability and comprehensive insurance with Allianz including discounts for garage parking and restrictions for certain drivers (not under 21 years). At Allianz, SF12 offers a 34 percent discount on liability and 28 percent on comprehensive insurance.


In the use of car and sports tests, the Mazda 3 X 2.0 M Hybrid Selection, which costs 31,990 euros, ended up with an average value of 6.9 liters Super per 100 kilometers. This means that fuel costs for this distance are 11.87 euros. Monthly maintenance costs are 374 euros (15,000 km per year) or 604 euros (30,000 km per year).

Technical specifications

Mazda 3X2.0M Hybrid Selection
base price €30,190
external dimensions 4460x1795x1435mm
trunk volume 351 to 1026L
shift / engine 1998 cc / 4 cylinder
strength 137 kW / 186 hp at 6000 rpm
high speed 216km/h
0-100km/h 7.8s
consumption 4.7L/100km
use of the test 6.9L/100km

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