Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio Estrema

Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio Estrema

Alpha goes against the tide. The style is not less connected, and each model expresses the feeling in its own way. The designers paid close attention to the movements captured in the details. 6 years of market experience does not show age, and details in the form of rims 19 (Giulia) or 21 inches (Stelvio) add charm. Only three varnishes are reserved for Estrema. It’s Alpha White, Volcano Black and Misano Blue. The elements made of carbon fiber are an interesting accent. They are located in the grill and side mirrors. Others are known from other dimensions. The dimensions of the Italian limousine also remained unchanged – 465 cm in length, 186 in width and 144 in height. The wheel is 282 cm.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA official

Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio – engine. Only two for the Estrema version

Alfa’s car palette is not very rich. It is also the last stand without electricity. We will not even meet a smooth combination here, but only Start & Stop, which is better to turn off so as not to annoy the delay when starting the engine and unwanted vibrations. So we have clean machines at our disposal.

Estrema occurs only in conjunction with 2.0 Turbo petrol with 280 hp and 2.2 diesel producing 210 hp. It is worth noting that the offer still includes the previous version of the 2.0 (200 HP) and the top 2.9 V6 Quadrivoglio (510 HP and RWD).

The 280 horse power difference seems to be the sound of reason, known from Veloce measurements, for example. It is an upgraded four-cylinder unit that produces 400 Nm and standard all-wheel drive. In terms of limited edition, we have your disposal active system Alfa Active Suspension. Initially, it was only intended for cars with a clover on the fender. What are its characteristics? It is an adaptive suspension with adjustable stiffness that works with the differential. It provides more stability, thus more confidence during dynamic maneuvers, and improves the distribution of torque between the wheels of both axles. Review: Alfa Romeo Gulia GTAm in Poland. Performance for the chosen ones

Alfa Romeo Driving Experience – Handling and Performance

I have to admit that Alpha does it very efficiently, favoring the rear axle in the process. We will reach an agreement with the car surprisingly quickly. Few cars can boast of mechanical sensations from behind the steering wheel. In Alfie everything works as we’d expect from a fun-to-drive car. Continuous power steering provides accurate imaging and current wheel position. The springy suspension allows you to enter sharp curves at high speeds without fear. The rigid construction forgives many mistakes and makes us ready to use the power of the supercharged engine.

There is a lot of power, and the performance is enhanced by the inclusion of the Power module. It takes 5.2 seconds to run to a hundredand the needle of the speedometer remains breathing above 100 km / h, and finally stops at 240. The 8-speed works well and allows you to switch to manual mode. In addition, large paddles attached to the steering wheel were handed over.

It deserves praise silent and quiet at high speed. In the city we like agility, but the turning radius leaves much to be desired. It’s a pity, however, that in modern times, an additional mode was not introduced, in which we can adjust the settings of individual components to our own preferences. It is also impossible to turn off the ESP system, which quickly interferes with the modern actions of the driver on wet surfaces.

Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio – burning

The scale shows fuel consumption. The power consumption of the vehicle unit capacity in the city will result in a demand of 14-16 liters. If we take a low volume, the on-board computer will show 11-12 liters. On the highway we should consider the use of 10 liters, and on a quiet road – 8 liters.

Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio EstremaAlfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio Estrema photo by Piotr Mokwiński

Alfa Romeo – interior. Low but not too spacious

As befits a premium mid-range car, the interior is decked out with high-end materials. Depending on the version chosen, the seats can be finished in leather or leather and fabric. Optionally with electric adjustment. In Alfie it sits very lowmaking it easier to find the right position and connect to the machine. For modernization, a new 8.8-inch central screen and a 7-inch instrument cluster appeared. Multimedia operation is quite intuitive, although it requires some tuning. On average, images from the rear camera and space in the second row are presented. The Stelvio also does not fall into the category of cavernous SUVs. The decorations in both the cars are almost the same. Carbon inserts are reminiscent of small specifications.

Estrema, along with all the other versions, got it too advanced security systems. On the highway, we can use the adaptive cruise control and the system that keeps the Alpha in a certain lane. Therefore, the electronics can take over for a few seconds. The car will also recognize road markings and driver fatigue.

Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio EstremaAlfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio Estrema photo by Alfa Romeo

A car for the lucky few

Two thousand. This number of Estrema units will go to international markets. Official sales will begin in mid-April, so hurry up to successfully hunt for a tasty piece. The Giulia is a mature construction aimed at providing comfort in everyday use. A powerful petrol engine coupled with adjustable suspension will appeal to determined drivers. Diesel is a good alternative for long journeys. It can be very economical. In addition, we will be friends with Alfa for a short time.

We should also mention the price, but this is still unknown. Assuming a similar version of the Giulia Veloce was priced 236,000 zlotysEstrema probably be more expensive by 20-25 thousand. The package also includes a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty with a limit of 200,000 km.

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