Alfa Romeo Giulia Estrema 2022. Veloce like that, but a little more

Alfa Romeo Giulia Estrema 2022. Veloce like that, but a little more

Alfa Romeo Giulia Estrema 2022 is a small novelty in the range of the Italian manufacturer. The Stelvio will also get a facelift. How is it different from the existing ones?

“The first international special series” appeared in the Alfa Romeo lineup, citing press materials. The Alfa Romeo Giulia Estrema 2022, along with the Stelvio in this version, should be for car purists. It will be of some kind a bridge between the Veloce and Quadrifoglio models.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Estrema 2022 – what changes?

The Italians decided to emphasize the performance of the new model by presenting it in Hinwil, Switzerland, at the headquarters of the Alfa Romeo F1 Team.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Estrema 2022 will actually be based on the Veloce model. Customers will be able to choose a 2.0 Turbo engine with 280 hp (and 415 Nm of torque) or a 2.2 diesel engine with 210 hp. In both cases, only an eight-speed automatic transmission will be available. The Stelvio will be all-wheel drive only, while Giulia customers will be able to choose. Except in Poland – here Alfa Romeo Giulia Estrema 2022 will be available only with the Q4 car. The Veloce version is also not available as rear-wheel drive.

What will distinguish Estrema is suspended from work. The system will monitor DNA settings on a continuous basis and adjust the stiffness of the shock absorbers. In addition, it will be like a standard binding differencewhich is to further improve the handling of the car.

Giulia Estrema will stand gently from outside. There will be only four colors to choose from. Of course, there will be a special logo on the bumper as well dedicated 19-inch rims (in Giulia – in Stelvio they will have 21 inches). In addition, carbon fiber has been widely used – it will be used for glass houses and “trilobo” in front of the bonnet. Carbon trim appears in the interior, connecting the seats with Alcantara upholstery. The main color will be black and red to insert and sew. The equipment will include the system sound Harman / Kardon and a set of assistants during this trip, when we do not want to use the full potential of sports Alf.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Estrema 2022

At the moment, we still don’t know how much the Polish customer will have to spend on this offer. Alfa Romeo in Estrema type should touch its first customers in the third quarter of this year. Around this period, the importer should disclose the price. We expect, however, that it will not cost less than PLN 250,000. for Giulia and 280 – 290 thousand. PLN for Stelvio.