Alfa Romeo Milano is not Italian and not from Biscione?  This is how Masterpilot responds to “alfisti and Mito or T-Roc” (VIDEO) – MOW

Alfa Romeo Milano is not Italian and not from Biscione? This is how Masterpilot responds to “alfisti and Mito or T-Roc” (VIDEO) – MOW

A few hours after the official presentation, the new Alfa Romeo Milano is already full of criticism, including that of the lack of Italian character and on the production in Poland. But is this a declared flop? No, at least according to Masterpilot Emiliano Perruca Orfei, according to which they will “sell a lot”. And you Alfisti with Mito or T-Roc, be careful…

SOnly two days have passed sinceAlfa Romeo Milan, The new B-Suv from the Italian companywas presented in great style in the capital of Lombardy, with the special presence of Carlos Tavares (CEO of Stellantis) and the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala. In these forty-eight hours the car, however, was real overwhelmed by criticism of Italian drivers, or at least for a good part of them. But we are faced announced flop? No one seems to want to take the side of Biscione’s new creation, especially after this one introduced another conflict between Tavares and the government because of his denomination; but a protect the car think about it Test teacher Emiliano Perruca Orfei. Pilot and journalist of Automoto.itIn fact, he decided to highlight the issue with a long YouTube video. Most of the information given in these hours is concerning design of the car and especially La A little “Italianness” of the project; in this regard Perruca Orfei says that “The car itself is a good car”, but at the same time he admits that this is not a car for traditional Alfa lovers. In the place where the Milano is placed, in fact, “there are those who bought the Mini until yesterday. There are those who bought the (Nissan) Juke until yesterday. There are those who until yesterday – continues Masterpilot – bought good fashion items“, but for sure no type of Alfa Romeo is attractive; or at least those who claim to be. Really, dear Alfisti and Mito or T-Roclisten What Emiliano wants to tell you

CWhat distinguishes this B-SUV from previous models of the Biscione brand is that we are faced with The first Alfa Romeo made by Stellantistherefore, emphasizes Perruca Orfei, Milan “not that Alpha there. Certainly not that Alfa there, but those of Alfa Romeo – he assures – know it. (…) That Alfa over there is a Giulia, that Alfa over there could be a Stelvio, that Alfa over there maybe we’ll see it again in a little while”. So, it’s one a complete revolution for the Arese brand proposition, but who has refused the operation in these two days? “There is A true alpha who doesn’t comment – Dice Masterpilot -, Alfista from Noantri who always has to say something, but then va in giro in Q2 o in T-Rocand then – continues the journalist – we have everything a series of inventionslike this, commenters shooting random fake shots like ‘The pillows were the best‘”. In short, it is true that the Milano is not an Alfa as many expected, but it is also true that it comes from a completely different idea from the old models, that is from a partnership born under the roof of Stellantis that aims to use. a few platforms for many designs. But Perruca Orfei makes sure that it’s not even the only method used by Tavares, given that, as he says in his YouTube video, “Mito was a Punto, which in turn is an Opel Corsa“. In short, the expert continues, “logic through which we reached the definition of the car as Alfa Romeo Milano it’s totally fine which other machines were made in the past”. Therefore, he insists, this new B-SUV “it makes sense that it exists“In fact, Emiliano, from Milan, still makes sure”they will also sell a lot” due to the fact that, as stated in the description of the video, “this Alfa Romeo, like the Mito, Not really a car for Alfisti but it is premium item which will wink at Juke, Q2, Mini and other customers fashion items which Stellantis also wants to cross paths with its products. The end”.