Comprehensive Test Drive of the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe

Comprehensive Test Drive of the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe

Riding on an all-new ‘K3’ platform, the 2024 Santa Fe receives a radical redesign both inside and out. The new structure is crafted with advanced hot-stamped boron steel, reducing weight while increasing rigidity for a much sportier driving character.

With sharply creased body lines and an aggressively sloping roofline, the Santa Fe certainly looks the part of a serious performance crossover. From the redesigned grille and headlights to the raised beltline and sharply cut taillamps, no surface was left untouched by Hyundai’s design radicals.

Peeking into the cabins of the range-topping Limited model, passengers will find ample head and legroom thanks to the fastback-like profile. The lifted beltline gives a premium SUV feel while revealing more glass for enhanced outward visibility.

While most crossovers in the class forego all-wheel drive, Hyundai decided serious safety came first for the Limited. With power flowing to all four corners, broken traction on slippery surfaces need not mean broken spirits.

For those seeking maximum efficiency to defeat rising fuel costs, the Santa Fe also offers front-drive models. Hyundai’s engine experts extracted every last mpg from these green machines, which could prove a lifeline for budget-conscious families.

But the real revolution lies under the hood of the Hybrid model. A powerful yet tiny 1.6-liter turbo-four works with a swift electric motor that bestows launch ability normally reserved for supercars. With zero droning or lags, the dance of gas and electricity delivers a gratifying zip.

Developing a stout 195 horsepower, the gas engine alone would be peppy in a compact car. But matching its twisting prowess of 195 pound-feet elevates the Santa Fe’s acceleration beyond ordinary.

Enter the electric motor, which piles on an additional 44 horses while its 168 pound-feet electrify the drivetrain. Combine this modern magic and the Hybrid unleashes a lightning-quick 226 total system horses!

2024 Hyundai Santa Fe Release Date and Design Specs

As if that wasn’t head-snapping enough, the Hybrid’s intelligent controls deliver EPA ratings that shame dingy dinosaurs: 33 mpg city and a stratospheric 35 mpg on the highway. Hyundai engineers have pulled off nothing short of fuel cell-like frugality!

But not every buyer desires hybrid complexity, so a thriftier 2.5-liter I4 gas engine is also available. With a still-respectable 187 horsepower on tap, it will satisfy those who simply want standard stopping power.

Whichever engine is chosen, an advanced 8-speed automatic transmission tails the torque curve like a masterful racing mechanic. Gears are laser-calculated to keep the rhythm going whether lumbering or launching.

Topping the priority list, every Santa Fe comes equipped as standard with forward collision warning and avoidance braking. Active safety nannies will help curb distractions by taking over braking duties in hazardous situations.

For the most meticulous drivers who obsess over vehicle dynamics, options like blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert elevate awareness. No risky maneuvers will slip by unnoticed with this high-tech gadget on guard.

With seven total airbags including the rare driver’s kneebag, the Santa Fe cabin aims to be a forcefield in a crash. Even side impacts are buffered by bags nestled in the front seats, taking protection to an unprecedented level.

Those who commute like their own personal Nurburgring will salivate over the available adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go functionality. Hyundai’s Highway Assist can even pilot the Santa Fe semi-autonomously, taking the hassle – and liability – out of traffic jams.

What kind of future-minded automaker wouldn’t build in frivolous touches like a hands-free smart liftgate? With a subtle kicking motion, the Santa Fe lets you say sayonara to fumbling for keys at the curb… if only all chores were this simple!

Now all advanced driver aids can be toggled via buttons right on the steering wheel, so speedy decisions are never more than a thumb twitch away. Control is literally at one’s fingertips for those who play on the edge of technology.

Awe-inspiring audiophile systems by Bose and Harman Kardon are available to render music and movies studio-quality. With 14 carefully placed speakers massaging ears from every angle, the Santa Fe aims to become the ultimate mobile home theater.

And no self-respecting modern machine would lack seamless integration for smartphones! Standard wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are joined by BlueLink telematics, monitoring the Santa Fe even when its owner strays too far.

Eagle-eyed observers will spot Hybrids stand apart with bespoke front-end styling. From the unique grille textures to badges spelling out its electrified soul, Hyundai ensures these ecoSpeedsters don’t blend into the crowd.

Aerodynamic fender badging leaves no doubt that there is a machine born to serve a higher cause – responsible mobility for all. Though subtle, these markings evoke the proud heritage of pioneers who changed industries through technological daring.

Yet for all its ambition, the Santa Fe maintains a luxury-caliber supple ride over pockmarked roads. Hyundai’s engineers sweated suspensions, damping, and anti-roll bars to balance handling with comfortable cruising.

On the highway, disturbances disappear as if by magic thanks to specially tuned bushing and damping components. The cabin isolation rivals limousines in many segments above, cocooning families in serenity.

2024 Hyundai Santa Fe Review | Midsize 3 Row Hybrid

Weighty yet wirily responsive, the helm transmits road textures yet never overwhelms. Expertly tuned for feedback, the steering wheel relays corners with the purity of a surgeon’s scalpel… or a dancer’s feather touch.

From a stop, not a moment is wasted as the Silicon-Silicon partnership leaps Santa Fe off the line. Overtaking is a joy when throttle mashing unleashes the combined electric might with a dynamo’s fury and finesse.

While power surges with neck-snapping haste, peace, and serenity dominate within the luxuriously hushed cabin. Only the faintest whisper of wind noise penetrates at speed as if the outside world had ceased to exist.

Bringing such thrust to the ground requires courageous calipers and rotors, which respond with near-telepathic precision. Each dab of the brake pedal yields an immediate, fade-free response, inspiring total driver confidence.

Even with a third row folded down, Hyundai designed a versatile space for adults in a pinch. Getting cozy might mean crossed legs, but the reward of ferrying more friends or family makes the squeeze worthwhile.

Front passengers will find the world’s best ergonomics research didn’t stop at the Cayenne or Escalade. Sculpted for hours, seats pamper in a plush embrace of adjustable lumbar and bolster supports.

The versatile middle row slides fore and aft six whole inches. Cargo, kids, and even pets all find dedicated space, no matter the priority on any given outing. Versatility is the Santa Fe’s middle name.

For hauling heftier gear, an expanding under-floor compartment swallows bulky items out of sight. Whether stashing sports gear or holiday packages, valuable cubic feet are reclaimed from what would normally sit wasted.

Responsive touch functionality is as intuitive as a smartphone, with vivid and detailed graphics rendering everything from radar to radio. Maps automatically enlarge relevant segments for readability, keeping focus forward.

The digital instrument binnacle gives at-a-glance alerts on hybrid function or fuel range as needed. Fully configurable formats present precisely the right readouts for each situation with readouts as crisp as an iPad.

Tucking phones out of sight to charge without cables, the wireless charging pad brings true keyless simplicity. While the driver synthesizes the future ahead, important devices replenish invisibly below decks.

Further drenching the cockpit in natural light, the available power panoramic sunroof could tan even vampires. On black Friday commutes or Sunday Funday drives, it’s like the very sky comes indoors.

The electronic park brake not only saves space but skips wear and tear on mechanically actuated components. With a simple button, drivers engage with assured solidity – a small change making a big difference.

Whether shooing away early morning frosts or overnight chills, heated features thaw out the important zones. Even lumbar and rear passengers bask in the warmth, keeping everyone cozy on bleak days.

But on sweltering scorchers, ventilated front seats whir air through the cushions and bolsters. Evaporative cooling mimics a cloud of mist to diffuse and refresh the tushies tasked with endless miles.

From elegant two-tone Naturals to pumped-up Teal Greens, a whole Crayola box of combos awaits. Leathers, synthetics, and beyond – the choices are limited only by one’s imagination or seasonal whims.

Access comes without excessive outlays, starting from a reasonable $30k while fully tricked Limited- Hybrid tops out under $48k. Few can deliver such a well-rounded package and value in today’s inflated market. The Santa Fe represents a new high-water mark for crossovers.