2025 Polestar 4 Pricing Revealed, Starting at ,300 and Reaching up to ,300

2025 Polestar 4 Pricing Revealed, Starting at $56,300 and Reaching up to $74,300

As the sleek Polestar 4 prepares to strut its stuff on the catwalks of the New York auto show, the automaker has peeled back the price tags to reveal what lies beneath.

The entry-level single-motor model saunters in with a starting price of $56,300, while the dual-motor top dog with all the flashy Plus and Performance bells and whistles will set you back a slick $74,300. Both promise to go the distance on a full charge, earning the label “long range.”

Polestar will roll out the red runway for orders beginning late April 2024, with the first deliveries of this lux electric sled scheduled to slide in sometime later that fine year. So start practicing your best auto show poses – this svelte Swedish stunner wants to strut its stuff and shine in the Big Apple lights!

Polestar’s family is expanding by one as the sizzling new Polestar 4 SUV prepares to join the pack. And just like any growing family, budgeting is key – so Polestar has laid out the full cost breakdown to help you save up for this new addition.

The entry-level Long-range model keeps things simple – and affordable – with a base price of $56,300. This single-motor rear-driver churns out a modest but money-saving 272 horsepower and 253 lb-ft of twist from its economical rear end.

2025 Polestar 4 Pricing Revealed, Starting at ,300 and Reaching up to ,300

While it may lack frills, this bare-bones bro promises to be a loyal ride. So if your finances are feeling the squeeze, this basic bro could be the baby of the bunch for you. Just save those pennies till Polestar 4 delivery day next year – then the whole family can hit the road for adventures together! Budget now to bond later in this new electric ere.

When choosing the Polestar 4, buyers must pick their powertrain path – do they want to go it solo with a single motor out back? Or do they need an extra set of wheels up front for some all-weather all-terrain all-wheel fun?

The solo single kicks off at $56,300 for rear-wheel spins. But adding an ally up front for some 4×4 fortitude bumps the base price to $64,300.

From there, Polestar packs on option packages to suit every style. Need some extra sensors for safer sailing? Pilot bundles that for $1,500. Prefer a punchier audio-visual experience? Pro packs that party potential for just $2,000 more.

Feelin fancy? The Plus Pack amps up aesthetics and amenities for a smooth $5,500. And for ultimate enthusiasts, the top Performance Pack pairs perfectly with Plus for a potent pinnacle price of $74,300.

So whether you’re flying solo or wanting backup, Polestar has powertrain paths and option opulence for any budget to build the ultimate electric expedition experience in your new Polestar 4.

Whether you opt for solo motor mastery or dual-motor dynamism, all 2025 Polestar 4s proudly wear the “Long Range” badge of endurance. Underneath, a mammoth 94.0 kWh battery pack promises to take you coast to coast without stopping to charge.

Those flying solo up front will be serenaded by a 268-hp electric motor in the rear. But for those wanting all-paw prowess, the dual-motor setup delivers a neck-snapping 536 horses to all four corners.

No matter the powertrain prowess, every Polestar 4 can rapid-reload its reserves at rates up to 200 kW on DC fast chargers or 11 kW on standard AC stations. Polestar predicts an EPA-estimated range of over 300 miles per fill – enough to explore from Portland to Palm Springs without refueling.

This svelte Swedish stallion will begin taking orders starting late April 2024. Delivery dates are penciled in for some time in the final quarter of the year when the first herds of Polestar 4s will hit the trails to deliver drivers into the future of electric mobility. Mark your calendars and charge your wallets – the time to tame this thoroughbred is nearly here!