Alice Taglioni is a fan of this winter perfume signed by Tom Ford

Alice Taglioni is a fan of this winter perfume signed by Tom Ford

At the age of 46, Alice Taglioni is a true reference in terms of beauty and now we know the name of her favorite perfume. Find out.

Actress, musician, model, Alice Taglioni he uses his talent in many areas. If his appearance is not his main concern, other products still attract his attention, especially in the field of smell. We reveal it to you smell favorite, along with his trick Low price.

Alice Taglioni: the name of her favorite perfume revealed

Tom Ford Women’s Eau de Parfum 1 Unit

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139 €

In an interview with our colleagues from Marie Claire, Alice Taglioni it has been found to be particularly attractive perfume of the Tom Ford brand. It was created in 2006, Black Orchid is one of the best sellers of the brand. Strong, its notes make it an ideal perfume to wear in autumn and winter.

Black orchid, black truffle, black plum, chocolate, bergamot and patchouli are the main ingredients that make up this luxurious, stimulating and mysterious fragrance. He wears it red carpet like Alice Taglionibut also in the evening, or every day to pass the wake that will turn all heads.

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The best replica of Alice Taglioni’s favorite perfume

If you don’t feel like investing €139 in a smellor that you are not ready to take the course right away, do not fear, we have revealed to you an excellent dupe, once again from the Divain brand, a real reference in the field.

DIVAIN-542 Perfume for Woman

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Under number 542 hides a balanced perfume which is very close Black Orchid of Tom Ford. Its price? Only €24.95 for 100 ml! A mini price for a perfume that has body and personality. It’s time to crack if you want to have the same fragrance asAlice Taglioni.

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