Alpine set the terms of Piastri’s loan

Alpine set the terms of Piastri’s loan

The CEO of the French brand commented on the future position of his talented ward, also briefly referring to the contractual situation of Fernando Alonso.

The young Australian is the current Formula 2 champion and former Formula 3 champion, but due to poor Formula 1 positions and Alpine seats, his duties this year are that of the team’s reserve driver.

It’s no secret that Enstone clubs are desperate to find paid work for Piastri for the next season, otherwise he may lose the talented junior who is one of the hot names on the transfer market in the context of joining the queen of motorsport. next season.

The 21-year-old has long been linked with Williams, where he would replace the underperforming Nicholas Latifi. So far, however, no specific details have emerged on this issue, and despite this Otmar Szafnauer’s loud statements a few weeks ago.

Due to the situation that is still unknown to Oscar, Laurent Rossi was asked to talk about his current situation, who made it clear that the team he manages will only consider loaning the player from Antipodes to another team with the option of returning him again. myself in the future..

The Alpine commander also touched on the fate of his current F1 driver, whose contract expires at the end of the 2022 season. Fernando Alonso, who Rossi believes will remain with the French team for next season.

Interestingly, according to unofficial reports, the length of the new agreement is becoming a point of contention in the negotiations between the two parties. According to The Race news, the two-time world champion is interested in continuing the partnership for two years, while his employer prefers to conclude a one-year contract.

Well, Fernando’s contract ends this year, so of course we are in talks with him. We are working to create the right solutions for him and Oscar. They are both great drivers and we would like them to race next year – Said a representative of the team from Enstone in a press conference on Saturday.

I think so – he answered when he heard the question whether both drivers will be part of next year’s high racing community in the world, avoiding to develop this topic. – The deals we analyzed were reliable and reasonable, so we believe they would satisfy both drivers.

“I am ready to loan Oscar to another band if I get him later. We have invested a lot in him and we trust him, which makes him our backup driver. This is a very promising talent and we would like to try him in our team.

– Giving a loan – as is the case with other drivers who start for other teams and return to us after gaining experience – would be a good situation.

The CEO of the French manufacturer also spoke about the possibility of continuing the partnership with Alonso in long-distance races, without ruling out the possibility of the Spaniard’s involvement in the LMDh program, which is scheduled to start in 2024.

Yes, that has always been part of the debate. Last year, when we talked about the extension of this year’s contract, we talked about the fact that Fernando is not only a sports legend, but also a legend of the Renault Group. In our opinion, he is a champion and there will always be a place for him in our LMDh category team.